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“No matter where you come from, leaving means achieving something.”

“No matter where you come from, leaving means achieving something.”

in this days Ali Sanchez was visiting Cuba Together with his friends and colleagues on social networks Yoyi, Preña Palma and El Mocho; The actress arrived in her hometown of Banaue in Escambray, Sancti Spiritus To be with himself and remember where he came from.

On her Instagram account, the actress and comedian He shared an emotional video summarizing his trip to the island With the song “De Vuelta Casa” by Carlos Varela in the background.

And from there I left, from those streets devoid of asphalt, from that small wooden houseFrom that brick bathroom, from that small school with 60 students, from that river with waterfalls, from those beautiful people who ask you for a hug and thank you for making them laugh for a while. From there, I emerged from families that give you their plate of food even if you sleep without eating for you,” Ali wrote in her post, describing the place where she was born and where she lived until her adolescence.

“From there I came out feeling like I achieved a lot of it I should feel proud. “It doesn't matter where you come from, leaving actually means achieving something,” the artist said.

In the video, the actress is seen with Yoyi, Preña Palma and El Mocho walking around Banaue, enjoying grilled pork and Cuban food, riding horses and socializing with neighbors, loved ones and loved ones. The public recognized them on the streets and asked them for pictures.