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From January 15 to 21, 2024

From January 15 to 21, 2024

in it Piscesin the week of January 15 to 21he sun And Pluto They change the signs so that you can review your way of giving love, and if you allow yourself to receive it, that way you will understand the reason for your emotional failures. In the meantime, Venus Helps you achieve your business goals and financial issues.

Money and work

This is the final week that Venus, the benevolent planet, moves into your sign's zone of your career aspirations and the way you want to stand out.

Since you won't have this influence again for a year, it's a good idea to take advantage of it because it gives you charisma and helps you improve the perception your bosses have of you.

It will also help if you have to ask them for a favor, as you will be very popular, take advantage of this during the following days to enhance your business goals and financial issues.

Love, emotional and social life

The Sun returns after a year to the most reserved area of ​​your sign. Little by little, you start to become more introverted because you start the process of being closed off before your birthday.

With this movement, the aforementioned star will join its energies with Pluto, which will also activate the same sector and will make you review your way of giving love and whether you have allowed yourself to receive it.

Perhaps only one of the two is happening and you have not yet assumed that your emotional failures are due to the fact that the giving of love in reality should be mutual.

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Health and wellness

During the next week, with the movement of the sun, you may feel more tired and a decline in your vitality. For these reasons, these feelings must be prevented from increasing. For this reason, also discover how to eliminate negative energy from your body using an egg.

Advice to improve your vibration

To improve your vibration this week, it will help you get into the habit of removing all tensions from your body before reaching home. One way to do this is to take any stone and hold it in your hands and strongly feel that anger and financial frustration.

In those moments, imagine those sensations passing through the stone. When it's calmer, leave it in the garden and thank Mother Earth for preserving it.

best day

The best day of the week for you is Friday, thanks to the fact that with the intense conjunction between the Moon and Neptune, you will have the ability to make great efforts against adversity.

the key

The key for you this week will be to learn from moments of silence and loneliness. Then revelation can come to you.

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