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Galilea Montejo will be her "jealous mother-in-law" who opens her heart in Hui

Galilea Montejo will be her “jealous mother-in-law” who opens her heart in Hui

Galilea Montego, had only one son with politician and businessman, Fernando Reina Iglesias, who is now 9-year-old Mateo, a few years away from becoming a “mother-in-law” Today’s driverShe revealed her opinion at this moment.

the “Presenter“, Galilea Montego, he sees his son growing more every day, in a few years he is already entering puberty and the first girlfriends will appear in a few years, was a Televisa member, who answered a series of questions.

the “Collaborator of the starsFor a little over 14 years old, Galilea Montego, he opened his heart in connection with the future love of his offspring, who at a young age does not yet have a girlfriend, but realizes that this moment will come in a short time.

“I’m going to feel ugly”

Martha Galilea Montego Torres spoke about the love of her future son and began to think about the point at which her little boy begins to be attracted to girls and until the moment she feels alienated.

However, the “H men’s model“He understands that this is going to happen sooner or later and that it is something that is part of growing up.

Yes, I would feel ugly the day he tells me: “I’d rather go with his girlfriend than be with you, but that’s part of letting her grow up,” commented the presenter.

Likewise, the “variety and reality show collaborator” stated that when the time came, she would herself support her son in whatever she could.

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Apparently, the June 5, 1973-born in Guadalajara, stated to the cameras that she considers her and will be a “very relieved” mother as she also comments that she will even be the one to buy her son’s gifts for her “little friends”.

‘You won’t be a jealous mother-in-law’

On the contrary, I even buy him things for the girls he loves. I like this part, he finds out that he really likes girls at school and he tells me, ‘This is incredible,’ as the remembered presenter of ‘Vida Tv’ and ‘Pequeños Gigantes’ pointed out.

on “Former beauty contestantWho started his career after his coronationTV girlHe said: “The most important thing in this world is the ‘happiness of your son’:

As long as they treat me well, as a good mother. I think we parents should leave our children free and let them make their own decisions, let them have a hard time. He pointed out that this is part of life.