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Future Conference "brings a lot of hope"

Future Conference “brings a lot of hope”

In a few days a new version of future conference. In this meeting, more than 80 experts They will bring together the best of their disciplines to broaden the mind and debate about the changes that have occurred and will occur on planet Earth.

On this occasion, the event will not only be present in the metropolitan area, as it will also be present in AntofagastaAnd CoquimboAnd ValparaisoAnd O’HigginsAnd sireAnd BioBioAnd AraucaniaAnd riversAnd Aisin s Magallanes.

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Juan Asengo, a board member of the Foundation Encuentros del Futuro (FEF), explained that “the focus of this edition It is the crisis that affects our humanity today, both the crisis caused by the epidemic, (…) and the social and economic crisis”.

in conversation with CNN ChileThe expert explained that in all Western societies “There was a split between the richest people and those who had no access to anything“. “This is not only in developed or moderately underdeveloped countries, it is also in developed countries.”

“In addition, we have overpopulated the planet and if we do not take very strict measures in terms of (…) our species will not survive. Then, The topics that will be covered at this year’s conference for the future are fundamental, because it deals with all this in a completely cross-sectional way“.

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According to Asengo, The Conference for the Future “Bring a lot of light of hopeHe also confirmed that the event will be attended by important guests such as the 2019 Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Esther Duflo, co-founder of the Future Society, Nicholas Mila, s Timnit GebruAn expert in artificial intelligence.

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In addition to parallel events in 10 regions of the country, this new version of the Conference of the Future includes a new way of virtual rooms. “It is a very important action that has been takenBecause anyone listening to the conference by way of a live broadcast can ask questions of the participants, Asengo said.