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From the yacht, Ninel Conde leaves her mark in the summer in an elegant brown mini bikini

From the yacht, Ninel Conde leaves her mark in the summer in an elegant brown mini bikini

this summer It meant a riot of glamor on social networks thanks to the stylish and colorful looks shown by celebrities during their beach holidays. despite of Ninel Conde She took them to another level with tiny outfits that allowed her to show them off An enviable personality And a perfect tan, like the latest brown with white detailing he showed off from a yacht in Miami.

“After a hard week of work, a few well-deserved hours in the sun,” is the message the singer accompanied her postcards, in which she appears from a yacht wearing a jacket. amazing Coffee swimsuit with Classic triangle design Which has black details and white edges that provide a A youthful touch For her look, she wore dark glasses, which she completed with light, mermaid-style waves in her hair.

Ninel Conde wears a stylish brown bikini. Photo: IG @ninelconde

“beautiful”, “Beautiful sculpture”“Divine and sexy”, “What a wonderful body you have!”, “You are the best person in the whole world”, “Beautiful Barbie doll”, “Beautiful Ninel, success in your plans”, “Perfection“Beautiful”, “So much beauty in one photo”, “Beautiful heart”, “Beautiful”, “You are beautiful” and “She is simply beautiful”, were some of the comments that fans left for the actress on her. The pictures were received within hours. More than 6 thousand interactions.

Bikinis that Ninel Conde shone in the summer

the Vibrant shades They are constant every summer, and with floral prints they invade beach wear; However, there are some colors that never go out of fashion and have become a staple in every wardrobe this season, such as red, black and white, which “Killer Bombón” immortalized this time with a sparkling bikini. And beauty.

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Ninel Conde White Bikini. Photo: IG @ninelconde

The singer showed off her slim figure Perfect tan The swimsuit, which has received praise on social media, is a set with double straps that descend from the neckline to the hips and a bra with Thin gold chains Which adds sophistication to her look, which is represented by the bikini part that she was wearing at that time. Brazilian style.

The swimsuit that caused a stir on Instagram is the one she wore Singer, 46 years old It has a high waist and a slit in the stomach, decorated with ribbons and silver details. in it The neckline has a “V” design. It is part of the sensuality that characterizes him so much, although he predicts autumn with green as one of the favorite colors of the coming season.

Ninel Kunde steals the show in a green swimsuit. Photo: IG @ninelconde

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