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From the gym, Puma Rodriguez's granddaughter cripples the net with her beauty

From the gym, Puma Rodriguez’s granddaughter cripples the net with her beauty

Galilea Lopez Murillo She is the only granddaughter she has so far Jose Luis “Albuma” Rodriguez And unlike his aunts and grandfather, he decided to move away from the world of music and devote himself to the world of business. Through her social networks, the daughter of Liliana Rodriguez raised the temperature, showing off her amazing figure in a story on Instagram, causing all her fans to sigh.

Unlike her mother, Liliana Rodriguez Murillo, or her aunt Lilibeth Murillo or her grandfather, Galilea Lopez Murillo It is not dedicated to music. The 26-year-old has decided to stay somewhat away from the public world and is a prominent real estate businesswoman, owning her own business in Miami. On the other hand, he has shown the amazing physical transformation he underwent a few months ago.

Galilea Lopez Murillo, granddaughter of Puma Rodriguez. Source Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

Relationship Galilea Lopez Murillo with her grandfather Jose Luis “Albuma” Rodriguez He is not entirely good, because he did not even have the opportunity to meet him. It was the businesswoman herself who admitted that at some point she thought about calling him, but the singer did not answer the phone. In addition, his mother and aunt launched a musical theme that spoke directly about his grandfather and whose words are highly critical.

On his Instagram account where he has more than 92 thousand followers, Galilea Lopez Murillo She turned the temperature up by showing off her amazing figure. He did this by uploading a story from the gym and showing that he is still looking for his perfect body and that he is responsible for staying fit. Puma’s granddaughter posted videos and photos of her new physical appearance, which captivated all her fans.

From the gym, Galilea Lopez Murillo turned on the curling. Source Instagram @galilealopezmorillo_

As for the Puma Rodriguez, a few days ago a picture when he was 43 years old. The 79-year-old Venezuelan singer can be seen standing next to a former beauty queen, Irene Saez, who passed away years ago. Together they were responsible for presenting the Ronda Awards in 1986 in their country.

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