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From Houston Astros to New York: Yankees claimed Matt Gage

From Houston Astros to New York: Yankees claimed Matt Gage

A set of New York Yankees He openly shows his intentions to improve his show for next season. The Bronx Bombers feature high-profile hitters such as Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge and newly acquired Juan Soto. However, the board still believes (and many of us agree) that they must also adjust their pitching staff if they want to go further.

The New York Yankees' goal for 2024 is none other than hoisting the World Cup World Series. To do that, it's not enough to have a Cy Young and an extra-class pitcher like Gerrit Cole. They need several shooters behind them who are able to get wins or at least stop opponents enough.

On January 29, MLB sources announced the arrival of a new player to the Bronx. This is a left-handed player who, because of his qualities, could help New York accomplish a lot.

The New York Yankees bolstered their bullpen with Matt Gage

It will be a mystery to see how New York Yankees They are using gage. You may be able to switch between AAA and MLB. In MiLB he did not perform well, posting a record of 12 wins, 19 losses and a clean average of 5.13.

However, ironically, he saw an opportunity in it MLB Whether in 2022 or last year and things did not get worse at all. During both seasons, first with Toronto Blue Jays Then with Houston Astros, gage He stepped in during some challenges where he showed interesting numbers. In 2022, he pitched 11 innings for Team Canada, pitching 13 innings with 12 strikeouts and a 1.38 average. Last season with Sideral, he pitched in five games and in 6.2 innings, collected eight hits and 2.70 earned runs per nine innings.

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