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Free psychologists for the emotional well-being of students

Through free workshops given by psychologists, Generalitat accompanies students to improve their emotional well-being

the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Raquel Tamarit, was present at the start of the “Too Much” initiative. We are Essential is activated in the classroom. It consists in making freely available to students psychologists, in charge of the Generalitat Valenciana. Business continues Consell line to fight for the mental health of all Valencians.

Free psychologists will give workshops during these months at 716 institutes supported by public funds. The workshops contain specific guides for addressing students’ mental health. In addition, it seeks to disseminate ways to avoid self-harmful thoughts and behaviors in adolescence.

The Minister shared this initiation of the program with the second and fourth ESO students of the IES L’Arabí de L’Alfàs del Pi. This project is promoted by the Ministry of Education, with the aim of empowering and improving the emotional well-being of adolescent students.

Almost 110,000 students from all over the region participate in these workshops. They are provided with the items and resources to learn how to manage their emotions.

Free Departmental Psychologists: A good way to support adolescence

Raquel Tamarit highlighted the importance of this program, which offers free support from psychologists. He has asserted that it is “a more than necessary program after the emotional toll the pandemic has had on our youth. For this reason, we have to support teenage students with resources and that they understand they are essential to our society.”

It is time for society to focus on adolescent mental health. As an educational department, we cannot look the other way. We have to move, which is why we launched Som Essentials, so no teen is left behind. It, in turn, increases the ability of the education system to detect potential risk situations. In addition, spaces are created where adolescents can evaluate themselves and express themselves. Educational professionals also feel accompanied in the process of exposing the harmful behaviors of our students,” Tamarit added.

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