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Francisca confiesa tiene la boca “torcida” a causa de una parálisis facial provocada por un ataque de pánico

Francesca admitted that her mouth was “crooked” due to facial paralysis caused by a panic attack

The Dominican Francisca was the target of a ‘crooked’ mouth Criticism and bullying Since she rose to fame in Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015, but what many didn’t know was that she was a product of Facial paralysis caused by a panic attack.

The hostess of Despierta América told her the truth about World Mental Health Day And although he emphasized that criticism no longer affected him, he wanted to raise awareness of the topic.

Francesca told journalist Mandy Friedman that when she lived in New York and still worked as a waitress in a restaurant she felt a lot of uncertainty without knowing what was going to happen to her and all the stress made her very ill.

“One morning I woke up with my heart racing, I got scared because while you have this lack of control in your heart, thoughts begin: You’re going to die, you’re going to have a heart attack, what’s going on? Suddenly my face became like a muscle spasm, and I started touching myself And he hit me, and he hit me until that side of my face reacted, and then I said, ‘If you don’t calm down you’re going to die,’ and I started breathing, breathing, and it happened to me,” the Dominican explained.

Then, the next day, he looked in the mirror and realized that his face was slightly curved, but he didn’t care, he went to work in the restaurant and forgot about it until he made his way to the media and people started asking him.

“It’s not that they stopped criticizing me, Because it really doesn’t affect me like it used to, But so one should also be careful sometimes with the things he says. When they sometimes mention, “Your mouth is crooked, and why is your mouth crooked? Why don’t you fix that?” People don’t know what’s behind it. You should always be very careful with the things you say.”

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A few weeks ago, creator Mila La Malaza encountered those who call her “the Ugly”. “Why are you so ugly? Oh my God! Ugly with co#@% ”, to which the Dominicans did not shut up, replied: “The mouth speaks of a thickening of the heart. Ugly but delicious, blessed. Imagine that it could have been beautiful where I was.”

Although it’s not the first time she’s been a little mom Gennaro He had to deal with bullying because of his physical fitness.