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Today my relationship with Alexis Valdes ends forever

Cuban broadcaster Alexandre Otaola confirmed that today he is about to end his relationship with the famous comedian Alexis Valdes, after denouncing his YouTube channel for several videos of the artist that he used in his program.

“This afternoon, I will conclude my class with Alexis Valdés, who has publicly admitted that he has informed me about some videos. I had a very ugly discussion with him and spoke with Claudia over the weekend. Today I will talk like never before about Alexis Valdés, from Whatever people don’t dare say. Today my relationship with him ends forever. I’ve already lost the little respect I left,” he asserted.

“I’m going to close this chapter of my life, because I’m not the one who needs promotion, that’s why I’m ending this chapter today. Next time you see me promoting, advocating, or pointing out something to do with it, you can spit on me. I tell my followers with a ‘face’.” He promised that he will provide all the details of his program this afternoon.

According to Otaola, Alexis “did the most despicable thing a creator can do. He and Imaray Ulloa’s manager, Eddy Escobar, port the networking to Alexis and I’m now pretty sure every carnotta attack has something to do with them, and who used him as his spearhead.” to do what they do not have the courage to do.”

Alexis said in a previous video that it is not acceptable for influencers, YouTubers, and content creators to use others’ videos without permission.

“You can’t use artist-created content to get into your show and then want to charge and monetize it, because this is intellectual property theft and we live in a country called the United States, and it’s a country of laws, this isn’t barbarism. Here the laws protect creation,” The humorist explained.

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“You can’t use the material and put a square. No one can come and look at me fee on your screen and then saying that is obnoxious. The use of showtime for my sitcom, not the time of my work or anyone else’s content creator. That must be respected.”

“You have to ask permission because it’s a work with intellectual property rights. We live in the United States, we no longer live in Cuba where they show American films and don’t pay anyone. It can’t be done. If you’re a facilitator or influencer and you have a space with a lot of followers. who are already watching your work.”

This is really a personal matter, Ottola said. “What was Alexis’ goal in reporting three videos from 2017 about the character Nereida? Alexis isn’t a good person, he’s a hypocrite and I’ll tell him because he’s really good. I’m sick,” he asserted.

“I’ve always treated him kindly, always been respectful and had the tact to reach out and not influence his image. I only spoke about public comments, and I never said anything about his private life. I lost the thread of reasoning,” he added.

“This is not with Claudia or with family, this is with Alexis and Eddy Escobar. You are rats trying to spoil the channel you couldn’t beat. You were wrong. If there is ever a coward and insecure person in this life, my name is Alexis Valdes. I don’t think he You can take this pressure, but it doesn’t continue like this. Tonight I say everything and we close this chapter forever.”

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