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Footballers leave the marathon focus;  One would stay to live in the United States - ten

Footballers leave the marathon focus; One would stay to live in the United States – ten

New controversy shakes Marathon When it was confirmed that two of his players decided to stay in the United States after the match against Portland Timbers They were hit 5-0 in Oregon.

TEN has confirmed that one of them will not return to the country as the substitute goalkeeper, Louis Ortiz, Who returned from Portland on Thursday, decided to split out of focus at Houston International Airport, along with also doing center-back, Carlos Lopez Perdomo.

Watch. This was the hit received in the marathon against Portland

In the case of the young goalkeeper, Ortiz contemplated the decision because the club had not met financial expectations due to a drop in his salary in addition to some delays that had been presented to him.

DIEZ has confirmed that second marathon goalkeeper Luis Ortiz has decided to stay in the United States. Image File | ten

Goalkeeper Luis Ortiz made his debut in the last tournament with a marathon against Honduras Progresso, and also played matches CONCACAF Confederation Against Sabrissa and Fugri, where they managed to pass to the current CONCACAF Champions League. He had a contract with the foundation for another year.

This is not the first case to occur in the CONCACAF Champions League. In the Haitian Arcahaie, two goalkeepers who had played against Mexico’s Cruz Azul, fled focus to remain at DF and both sent a statement confirming their reason for their emigration. The first was the second goalkeeper, Wellman Exome, who did so before the match.

“I will return to Honduras on Friday.”

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Heart of defense Carlos Perdomo, The other footballer who left the Focus of Knights in Houston and stayed in the United States, but the player himself assured TEN that he did so with the approval of the coaching staff and that he will return on Friday to San Pedro Sula.

Minutes later, he also posted on his Facebook account that he was not staying. “What a poor mentality we have, they are building a bomb out of something a lie and not sharing that politicians have stolen many millions from hospitals and only 2,000 vaccines have arrived. Established that way. Marathon, Perdomo wrote.”

TEN tried to call the president Orinson Amaya And Vice President Rollin Peña for more information on this topic, but they did not respond to the call. An official statement is expected to be sent out in the next few minutes.