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Haitian media reported further desertions from service in Aracahi after the defeat to Cruz Azul

Haitian media reported further desertions from service in Aracahi after the defeat to Cruz Azul

The delegation returned to Haiti with fewer personnel after the “flight” of three players in Mexico

Al-Rajhi traveled with 18 players to Mexico and returned with 15, after three of them defected during their visit to CDMX. And theAmong those who did not return to this Caribbean country is the goalkeeper Marceline Cami, Who scored eight goals in his first international match against Blue crossHaiti media reported.

Marceline Cami He was the only goalkeeper in Haiti Archaic Who was able to travel to Mexico, after the primary goalkeeper, Julie EllenYou cannot make the trip because you have had problems with your passport. the middle Haiti weather Report the archer desertion.

KamiThe 20-year-old made a mistake in the first minutes of the match against him Haiti ArchaicThat opened the door to Cruz Azul scores 8-0 at Azteca. In the first leg in the Dominican Republic, Julie ElleFlashes n, keeping its parentheses at zero.

In addition to Marceline CamiSince his arrival in Mexico the midfielder Wellman Exome Leave focus, to stay on Mexican soil and never return to Haiti. Truth that was reported through its guidance.

The last one to not return to the territory of Haiti was the extremist Johnny Pierre Paul, Which also lost focus in Mexico and never returned to the Caribbean.

Haiti is going through an economic and social crisis due to various governmental problems that have caused instability and insecurity in the Caribbean country. This has even caused financial problems for the soccer teams.

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The Haiti Archaic Had to borrow from CONCACAF To get to Mexico, because they raised money to pay for the trip and played the return leg of the Round of 16 at Azteca Stadium.