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Flight schedule from the United States to Cuba in November

Flight schedule from the United States to Cuba in November

Do you want to travel from the United States to Cuba this November? Or vice versa, because you were granted parole or a family visa? Well, below we show you all the options with the official flight schedule between the two countries. This information is disclosed by the Cuban airport company ECASA, from the various airports on the island.

Let’s start with flights from airport From Camagüey. Information indicates that the American airline American Airlines will continue to operate its flights during the month of November with a daily round-trip flight to Miami.

Likewise, charter flights from Camagüey to the United States maintain their usual frequency. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays there are 2 flights, and on Fridays there are 3 flights, all to or from Miami International Airport.

From Frank Pais in Holguin, American Airlines will continue a daily flight from Miami. While charters from the United States will connect Miami and Tampa to this schedule. Monday 1 flight to and from Miami. Tuesday, two flights to and from Miami and one to Tampa. Thursday: 3 flights to and from Miami. Friday 1st flight to and from Miami. Saturdays one flight to Miami and one to Tampa. Sundays flight to and from Miami.

More flights from US to Cuba in November

Regarding connections from Miami to Varadero, American Airlines continues to call every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in November. There are a few charters to the resort, on Thursdays and Saturdays from Miami.

While flights to Santa Clara are still the most numerous from the US, obviously after flights from Havana. American Airlines maintains two daily flights to this airport from Miami. Meanwhile, Havanator charter flights continue to operate from Miami and Tampa, with 12 flights per week.

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There are also flights to Santiago de Cuba from the United States in November. The American airline will call every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a frequency from the above city in South Florida. Meanwhile, Havanator charters continue on Sundays and Thursdays with frequency from Miami.

Finally, the flight schedule to Havana from the US looked like this: American Airlines. Every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 8 flights from Miami. Tuesday and Wednesday 6 flights from Miami. Saturday 7 flights from Miami.

United Airlines maintains one daily flight from Houston. Meanwhile, Delta will continue a daily flight from Miami. Meanwhile, Southwest continues three daily flights from Fort Lauderdale and one daily flight from Tampa (two flights on Saturdays).

Charters to Havana remained this way from Miami, Tampa and Fort Myers. Monday 7 flights. Tuesday 4 trips. Wednesday 5 flights. Thursday 4 trips. Friday 11th flight. Saturday 6 trips. Sunday 6 flights.