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FJD celebrates Book Day all week to promote mental health and well-being through reading

FJD celebrates Book Day all week to promote mental health and well-being through reading

Reading is healthy too. With that conviction, it became his campaign slogan Jimenez Diaz Foundation I decided to celebrate this year b Book dayYesterday, all week, I celebrate promoting mental health and emotional well-being through reading. In this strategy, which will continue from today until Friday with different procedures in different areas of the Hospital of Madrid, aimed mainly at patients and family members, but also at the staff of the Center, it also has two travel facilities: Ilunion and Editorial Plataforma.

He recalls that “healthy lifestyle habits also involve the mental and emotional realm.” Aurora Hirise EagleSocial Responsibility Manager b Jimenez Diaz Foundation, while recalling the valuable benefits of reading and that “a description of a book is always a good remedy for our mental health”, because it enhances many cognitive abilities and processes such as attention, concentration and memory, activates knowledge and encourages the generation of emotions. He adds, “Reading and health have a great relationship with it, and from our hospital we are working in this regard with various initiatives.”

The role of reading in health

And it is that reading is one of the most therapeutic treatments that healthcare professionals can prescribe to patients throughout their lives, and it is a very effective strategy for disciplined brain training. For this reason, it is recommended to encourage and maintain this useful habit in all vital stages of the person, from childhood and adolescence, to stimulate the imagination and favor the learning of vocabulary, until adulthood, where it maintains the brain. Active, strengthens neural connections and increases cognitive reserve. Some of the benefits, which become more noticeable in the elderly, when reading improves concentration and memory and helps fight loneliness.

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Memorial events throughout the week

In this scenario, and as a continuation of Writers Day, the Jiménez Díaz Foundation has organized two activities during this week, each with different activities to celebrate the relationship between reading and health.

The first being developed between today and tomorrow Thanks to the collaboration of Ilunion, it consists in the free distribution to patients admitted to the Madrid Center of a variety of great classics of world literature, donated by this commercial collection belonging to the ONCE Social Group and delivered by its volunteers in the treatment rooms of hospitals.

The 111 books donated by Ilunion also have a peculiarity that makes them easy to follow and understand: They are written in plain language, so they can be read by just about anyone, including older readers and people with certain cognitive disabilities, as shown. Dilio Diaz GarciaCEO of Ilunion Retail.

In addition, the ONCE Group has provided a QR Code to hospital staff and all patients and family members who pass through the store at the main entrance of the building today and tomorrow, with which they will receive a two-month subscription to Audible, an Amazon service that offers a wide range of books Podcasts and podcasts.


As for the second procedure, the Thursday and Friday Hand in hand with Editorial Plataforma, who donated nearly 800 books to this campaign to promote reading-related health. Specifically, copies, which contain a variety of historical literature titles, novels and articles on various topics of interest and current affairs, will be handed out to patients and family members who come to the hospital’s health corner, located in the main lobby of the hospital. the hospital.

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In this information point, which allows the center to get closer to its users, providing them with information and advice on healthy lifestyle habits and helping them to be real heroes and managers of their health operations through the patient portal (the hospital’s own application). Users will be able to receive this literary gift, courtesy of the publisher, as well as weigh and measure themselves, and enter their health data into the application form. Thanks to this, they will be able to receive information and recommendations aimed at preventing diseases through the application, and the specialists responsible for their clinical operations will have useful information to follow.

In addition, volunteers from the María Auxiliadora Association will be in charge of distributing the children’s reading titles donated by the platform to accepted pediatric patients, following the individual reading of young children.