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Find out what the luxurious Doctora Polo mansion from “Case Closed” looks like from the inside

Case closed“It is undoubtedly one of the most watched programs on Latin television and one that has had the most impact, not only because of its controversial content but also because of its host. We are talking neither more nor less than Anna Maria Polowho gave life for years Dr. Polo As known by the vast majority of those who enjoyed this show. “Case closed“It had many seasons and now it is no longer broadcast on the air, but its repetitions continue.

the Dr. Poloand his real name Anna Maria PoloShe is 63 years old and after a series of long seasons.Case closedHe managed to amass a small fortune for himself. Out Case closedAnd the Anna Maria Polo She is also very popular on social networks and there she showed her followers the luxurious house in which she lives and is now settling in.Case closedA gem of memory in Latin American television.