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FIFA rules out imposing sanctions on Brazilian football – International Football – Sports

FIFA rules out imposing sanctions on Brazilian football – International Football – Sports

Members of the delegation from FIFA Who visited Brazil on Monday ruled out imposing sanctions on the five-time world champion country after canceling the judicial decision that temporarily dismissed the Brazilian president. Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Representatives sent by FIFA considered that “things have returned to normal” after the Supreme Court’s reinstatement Ednaldo Rodriguez The Brazilian Football Confederation announced in a statement its appointment as president of the Brazilian Football Confederation after a judicial intervention that questioned Brazil's participation in the Olympic Games in Venezuela.
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the decision

It was Rodriguez himself who received, on Monday, the Spanish director of legal affairs at FIFA, in his office at the headquarters of the Brazilian Federation. Emilio Garcia, And the legal director of South American ConfederationParaguay Rodrigo Aguirresent to check the situation in Brazil.

Garcia stated at the meeting that the decision was made last Thursday Supreme Federal Court (STF) This prevented Brazil from being at risk of being excluded from international competitions, according to a statement by the Brazilian Federation.

“FIFA came here to be able to guarantee the independence of the Brazilian Football Confederation and compliance with the laws of FIFA and CONMEBOL. We are relieved by the decision of FIFA that restored Ednaldo to the presidency of the Brazilian Football Confederation and we are happy to return to the Brazilian Football Confederation. The situation is… the original”.

The judge guaranteed a return to normal life Gilmar Mendez A member of the Supreme Court who responded to the Public Prosecution’s recommendation Attorney General of Brazil To annul the judicial decision that stripped Rodriguez of his position, appoint an intervener and order new elections in the Brazilian Confederation.

Rodriguez was away from the entity for about a month after the Court of Justice Rio de JaneiroHe considered, in a decision issued on December 7, that the vote in which he was elected in 2022 was illegal.

García stated that Brazil was at high risk of suffering sanctions if the decision sacking Rodriguez was upheld because FIFA would consider the situation tantamount to foreign interference in the affairs of a private entity. “There was a real risk that the FIFA Council would exclude Brazilian national teams, in all categories, as well as Brazilian clubs, from international competitions,” the FIFA president said, as stated in the CBF statement.

Garcia added that it is the most important thing for FIFA and the country Comebol Is that Rodriguez was democratically elected by the representatives of Brazilian football. The President of the Brazilian Federation took advantage of the meeting to stress that the most important thing now is to complete the restoration of normal life.

He explained: “We have many obligations that cannot be postponed and are urgent regarding the Brazilian football calendar in all competitions.”
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