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Chicharito Hernandez is very excited to get to Chivas;  But it's not official yet

Chicharito Hernandez is very excited to get to Chivas; But it's not official yet

After days of rumors regarding a return Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez to ChivasAll the details of the negotiations between the two parties began to come to light and were confirmed little by little, as the attacker broke the silence and revealed his desire to once again be part of the “holy flock.”

So He made the announcement during his recent stream on his Twitch channelHe confirmed that he and his team of representatives, as well as the Rojiblanca Board of Directors, made great efforts to ensure that interests were aligned and that the prodigal son returned to the position that shaped him as a football player, made him a hero, and gave him the opportunity to immigrate there. Europe.

The Mexican striker confirmed that there are negotiations with the “Holy Flock” board of directors to return to the Mexican League

Twitch @ch14

“I look forward to getting back to Chivas. this week. My special representative will be in Guadalajara. We are making a great effort from both sides. “I have offers from other teams, but my priority is to get back into the fold,” the 35-year-old striker commented during the broadcast.

The return of the idol

Over the past few years, including the last of his career in Europe, fans Chivas They have been constantly calling for Chicharito's return due to the lack of consistent goalscorers in the team Mexican LeagueSo much so that the names were changed several times in the position in which the Mexican shone his light during his career.

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“How could I not be excited? I return to the team that gave me birth, and that gave me the opportunity to go to Europe. “There have been negotiations, and as much as there seems to be certainty, there is also a lot of uncertainty. I know where I want to go and I want to go to Guadalajara.”

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The most important task

And the goals he faces, Javier Hernandez He knows that there is only one thing that is acceptable to both the club and the fans; The long-awaited 13th league titleWhich was close to reaching the institution in Closing 2023Where they fell before Tigers In the final after going to extra time.

“I'd like to sign it, I can't yet. I don't know if I'll get there or not (13th), but I went to Manchester United We won the 19th and 20th league, I'm just saying.” Chicharito During his broadcast, which was followed at the time by up to 5 thousand viewers online.

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez He is not at his best and is far behind that destabilizing player who can change the game at any moment, because in recent years more has been said about Guadalajara because of what he does abroad than on the field.

The anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee was torn, which Chicharito suffered last year, and because of it, he was unable to continue playing and was torn before. Los Angeles Galaxycausing Hernandez Balcázar to officially not be able to return to the field and one of his options is to return to the field. League MX.

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