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Lionel Messi scored a free kick goal and Argentina will play the Copa America semi-finals!  - ten

Lionel Messi scored a free kick goal and Argentina will play the Copa America semi-finals! – ten

Argentina took another step to break 28 years without titles this Saturday by defeating Ecuador 3-0 and qualifying for the 2021 Copa America semi-finals, where they meet Colombia on Tuesday.

Confirmed: this is how you will play the semi-finals of the Copa America; Official day and time

Lionel Messi dressed up as a major assisting factor for Rodrigo de Paul (40) and Lautaro Martinez (84) to score the first two goals at the Goiania Olympic Stadium and cap off his opulent night with a superb free-kick in the feud.

The “10” put the touches of quality that allowed the Albiceleste team to make the story, against Ecuador led by Argentine Gustavo Alfaro with a killer character and eventually fell.

On Tuesday, at the Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia, Argentina will play the pass to the legendary Maracana Grand Final against Colombia, who eliminated Uruguay on penalties 4-2 earlier.

Most Special

End: Argentina secured their place in the semi-finals after beating Ecuador 3-0 with goals from Rodrigo de Paul, Lautaro Martinez and Lionel Messi. The white team will face Colombia in the next round.

92 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOLAZO DE LIONEL MESSI, the Argentine scored with the house seal, with a free kick. Argentina in the semi-finals of the Copa America.

87 & # 39; Hincapié (sold out) goes to Di María and after reviewing the play in VAR the referee decides to whistle a free kick, before asking for a penalty.

84 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ARGENTINA Lautaro Martínez settled the matter after a serious mistake by the Ecuadorian defense.

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74 ‘ Messi’s shot was missed, as always, the one with a bun looking for the stick. It just disappeared.

65′ Fear of Argentina! Hanging ball, Niko combed his back and nearly Yiyi. good good.

62 ‘ Oops, Stupiñán. Paredes slapped as he wanted to turn away in search of a bullet. This is what happened. Estupiñán plays it, and he has a yellow game.

53 ‘ Argentina want to settle the matter and sign their pass to the semi-finals where Colombia is already waiting.

We go with the second half, Ecuador reported two changes. Plata and Estrida entered, Grosso and Palacios left.

45 + 4′ Halftime ends: Argentina defeats Ecuador with a goal from Rodrigo de Paul, the Udinese player received great help from Lionel Messi.

44 ‘ Argentina will have an advantage at halftime, Albiceleste is better than Ecuador.

39 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF ARGENTINA, Rodrigo de Paul gives first thanks for the great help from Messi.

37 ‘ near Ecuador! Bad exit from Emiliano Martinez, Ener Valencia cleaned the ball, but did not enter, Argentina was saved.

31 ‘ Mendes and Franco exited Lo Celso and the referee both showed yellow for their interference.

23 ‘ What a goal Leo was. Hand in hand is very clear in ’10 that is given to him by a rival… and Lionel wants to adjust the shot too much and hit the stick.

15th’ Argentina claims their hand after Messi’s shot, but the referee refused.

12′ Messi’s lack of contact with the ball, Ecuador eliminates spaces well to “10”.

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6′ The party is raging right now, not having one and the other. At the moment we do not have clear target options.

3′ Argentina are the ones who dominate the ball, as they are temporarily looking to get ahead on the scoreboard.

Match start: Argentina doesn’t want any surprises and is already looking for their ticket to the Copa America semi-finals against Ecuador.

Confirmed alliances:

Argentina: Emiliano Martinez; Nahuel Molina, Pizzella, Otamendi, Acuña; de Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lutaro and Nico Gonzalez.

Galendez. Preciado, Hincapie, Arboleda, Estobian; Mina, Mendes; Franco, Grosso, Palacios; Inner Valencia.