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Maximum anticipation with the Asian tour of Messi and Inter Miami

Maximum anticipation with the Asian tour of Messi and Inter Miami

The great anticipation that arouses Leo Messi is talking all over the Asian continent about the importance of his personality as he turns 37 years old. Despite his playing in other leagues or playing with other teams or the number of stars accompanying him, Messi does not lose his value in the eyes of the fans and parties. It has even gained integers since it was World Champion.

In recent days, much of American football has begun to return to its routine Waiting for the start of the new season. Most MLS teams have planned their return to action Such as training sessions, in addition to a series of friendly matches that are held They serve to initiate carbonation in order to reach the beginning of the cycle In the best way possible.

definitely, One of the most attractive calendars among all those that have already been announced is none other than the Inter Miami calendar. Excellence Florida You will pass Riyadh, Hong Kong and Tokyo Before finishing At home against Newell's Old Boys, In a huge match Especially with its great star, Leo Messi.

While passing through Saudi territory. Messi will face once again, and who knows if it will be the last time, what is considered the other great legend of this generation of footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo. Between them they add thirteen golden balls, Number one that It shows the importance of this match at the heritage level.

Messi faces generalized madness

Aside from everything related to athletic preparation and performance, Inter Miami's movement within the Asian continent follows a clear business strategy. If indeed, Leo Messi is a huge attraction anywhere in the world. What wakes up? Messi in Asia is real enthusiasm. Whether it is Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Japan or Argentina You should be prepared for a huge buzz once your attendance is announced.

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Thanks to previous possibilities of this kindAnd Messi knows that he must be prepared to be “accompanied” by thousands of fans day and night. Airport, hotel, bus ride, or even the stadium, the Argentine will have people around him. A wave of people shouted and got as close to him as possible.

“Inter Miami must leave its mark here.”

Sports electronic portal MLS Multiplayer I was able to contact him Director of Leo Messi's “Fan Account” in Arabic, Who explained how The Messi phenomenon and the MLS phenomenon are being experienced from a country far, far away in the regionBut he is very close in terms of passion and fanaticism regarding Assad and football in general.

“If you see people following MLS matches, most of them follow Inter Miami Or their next competitors. Many times, the time difference He added: “This is not an obstacle to enjoying Messi in this new stage.” said Maher Al-Khabarani, the person behind him “Inter Miami in Arabic” account.

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