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Feed shares a series of photos and Karol G dies of love

Feed shares a series of photos and Karol G dies of love

Long term love! The Colombian singer could not resist and posted an upsetting message to her lover.

The sparks between Karol G and Feed (Ferxxo) They cannot be denied. The couple surprised again on social networks with a post made by the interpreter of “Ultra solo”, “Yankee 150” and “La Bichota” who did not take long to respond.

The Colombian singer is in Spain performing a series of shows, so she’s as far away from G as she is in Los Angeles, busy promoting her new single, “S91.”

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However, they took some time to annoy their followers with some messages. Some papers in Europe from an account @employee and the @employee 🌟,” Feid wrote in a recent Instagram post, while captioning a series of photos, where he can be seen enjoying the atmosphere.

It didn’t take long for Carol to comfort him and show him that he missed him so much. “Those pictures are so rich and the distance doesn’t combine more than,” she captured.

Photo: Non-commercial illustration image / https://www.instagram.com/p/CupiW3XIUPT/

Followers of both stars also responded: “❤️ It’s official when I come back”, “I see Carol’s comment 😭🔥”, “💚💚💚💚”, “I am here noticing those compliments he gives @employee to @faid 📝😅 “,” are some texts that can be read, and the post has already exceeded 1 million “likes”.

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