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Joannes’ New York concert has been suspended for public misconduct

Joannes’ New York concert has been suspended for public misconduct

09:42 am

Colombian artist Juanes had to cancel the concert he planned to give on Wednesday, July 12 in Central Park, In New York, due to the misconduct of some of those present.

This show, which was with free admission and outdoors, was programmed by the Summerstage Festival The LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Congress), however, was marred by incidents that forced the authorities to decide to cancel the event.

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Via Twitter, Summerstage explained that the event brought a crowd of 5,000 people inside the venue, while An additional 12,000 fans failed to enter. Due to the constant crowd at the doors and as a precaution, they had to make the decision to stop the show and ask the fans to leave the venue.

at that momentJuan had already explained ashenhis latest release, and his classics bad people. As public excitement begins to mount, the show is abruptly canceled to everyone’s disappointment.

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For the first time in 30 years, SummerStage had to stop prom Continuing due to a non-weather related issue, said Heather Luboff, executive director of the City Parks Foundation SummerStage.

SummerStage, LAMC, and Juanes himself all agreed that attendee safety was paramount, so They come to an agreement to cancel the show.

So sad we couldn’t finish our show, however I want you to know that safety always comes first for us, before anything else. So I hope to see you very soon. “I love you very much and I hope you understand that this was a force majeure and that it got out of hand,” the Colombian said in a video on social networks.

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some Attendees who went to see Juan’s show shared photos and videos of the situation: