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Julián Gil is no longer on “Sit Who Can”.  What’s the reason?  This is what the actor said

Julián Gil is no longer on “Sit Who Can”. What’s the reason? This is what the actor said

Just a month after the one-year anniversary of the premiere of the American reality show Celebrity sit who can, Julian Gillpresenter and speaker mentor, has announced his retirement from the entertainment space.

Gil has been responsible for the animation and welcome to the show for about a year, which has successfully penetrated Miami TV platforms, which in turn has also gained followers outside his area, however, the actor has recently used his Instagram account, to announce the reasons why he is no longer part of the Unimas series. .

Hello family, I know I owe you this message, the truth is I didn’t know where to start or when to do it, I’m in Mexico, at home, I’ve already processed so much information and so many feelings, Friday was my last show (. ..) It is true that on that day I was not ready to say goodbye, the truth is that when the show started in the last two weeks when I already knew that I was leaving, they were very difficult weeks, on that exact day before the presentation, I could not do it because I had so many mixed feelings, for so many things, for what I’m sitting on who could mean it to me,” The first words of the actor were to start explaining his departure.

“Cause I’m starting a new project in Mexico I think I’ll be able to tell you about that project on Monday or Tuesday I still can’t say anything because of the production instructions it’s a project for I spent almost two years casting it’s an important project very supportive of my career, and I know they will support me a lot too.” explained Gill, who simultaneously thanked the entire team of professionals he worked with and wished them well for the remainder of their trip.

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