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Ten Most Valuable Coins – NBC Sacramento

The issue of the value of coins and bills printed in the United States is trending, here we are sharing a list of the 10 most valuable coins produced in the country, that you may have in your possession.

Payroll by specialized site cointrackers.comincluding coins minted from 1700 to 2023, which means many of these copies are in circulation and may be in your pocket, purse, or drawer at home.

Below is a list of the ten United States printed coins that have the highest value, according to

1 – The list is headed by a nickel stamped in 1913 with the face of the Statue of Liberty.

This coin, called “nickel” in English, has a value of $4,228,955.

2 – Followed by a one-dollar coin, from 1870, minted in 1870, also with the Statue of Liberty.

It has a value of $1,900,000.

3 – The dime, known as Saint-Gaudens, with two eagles on one side, came in third.

This coin is worth $1,200,000

4 – In fourth place is a $1 coin printed in 1794, with a mane of hair blowing in the wind on one side.

This dollar is valued at $825,098.

5 – The 1838 half-dollar coin is in fifth place.

This coin has a value of $745,000.

6 – In sixth place is a coin with an Indian head printed in 1933.

This specimen is valued at $600,000.

7 – In seventh place is the 1893 silver one-dollar coin.

The value of this coin may reach 550 thousand dollars.

8 – A half dollar coin, printed in 1817, ranks eighth on the list.

It is valued at approximately $500,000.

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9- Another half dollar coin ranks ninth, minted in 1797.

It’s also worth half a million dollars.

10 – The silver dollar was printed in 1901 at number ten.

It may be worth $425,500.

So check your pockets, purse and drawers in your home well as you might have one of these coins.