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An obscene gesture exacerbated the controversy with Shakira

Once again, Gerard Pique appeared in the eye of the hurricane. The former Barcelona player, the protagonist of various news stories due to his complicated love life, has gone to the wall in the past few hours due to an unexpected reaction to several questions about Shakirahis ex-partner, with whom a twelve-year relationship ended more than eight months ago.

as recorded on video, Pique and his new partner, young Clara Shea Marty, were approached by the paparazzi Halfway through being quizzed about their opinion of Shakira’s latest song.

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And what was the real news was his reaction to the question, because he was An obscene gesture sparked more controversy That surrounded the trident of Pique, Shea and Shakira.

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Obscene gesture to Pique and Clara Xia

After Shakira’s new song with Karol G, paparazzi Jordy Martin appeared at the ex-player’s parents’ house looking for a reaction.

At first, he said, Pique and Clara Xia entered the home of the former footballer for the first time before their eyes.

Taking advantage of the moment, he commented in the report: Pique’s parents can’t wait for Shakira to go to Miami..

(One step closer to Formula 1: Sebastian Montoya in Formula 3: “With my family name, the responsibility is greater”).

Later, after waiting for his departure, the initial moment of tension hits.

“When they got off, Pique accelerated the truck in a way that almost ran me over,” Martin recounted.

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Then the journalist, known to be a supporter of Shakira, met them on the highway. And the moment came when Pique and Clara Xia were caught making an obscene gesture with their hands.

The image, which has become a trend in the networks, is quite expressive.

After that insult, the reporter confirmed, Pique called him to tell him “even from evil” that he was going to die.

So far, neither Pique nor Clara Xia has commented on the incident.

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