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How much did Shakira and Glo get paid for their SuperBowl performance?

How much did Shakira and Glo get paid for their SuperBowl performance?

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Show the first half Energy It is a long-awaited event for millions of people, not only fans of American football, but also fans of world music. The great artists have passed the glorious stage leaving all the strength and talent behind. Among the best, according to the audience, is Michael Jackson In 1993, Katy Perry In 2015, U2 in 2002 and of course, Shakira and Jlo in 2020. How much did they get paid for their performance?

JLo recently presented her documentary Halftime where she details how she prepared for the first half with the Colombian singer, In one scene it was mentioned that her being on stage seemed like a very bad idea Although it was successful.

“This is the worst idea in the world to do two people in the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world.”co-singer Ben Affleck said.

But he later clarified that the error had nothing to do with it Shakira or his performance But the organizers chose two very important Latin characters for such a short show. “It was an insult to think you needed two Latinas to do the work that an artist has historically done,” She said while arguing with someone on the staff to give them more time.

The documentary will be available from June 14, 2022 but while some doubts have been raised such as How much money did they earn for their short, good, but exceptional SuperBowl 2020 participation?

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How much did Shakira and J. Law pay for her Super Bowl halftime show?

Shakira and Gehlo spectacularly participated in the two halves of Super Bowl 2020, which is a very important stage for world-famous artists. They gave one of the best shows full of lights, dancing, great musical repertoire and lots of Latin flavor. But how much did they pay them? Which! None of the singers received a dollar for their performance.

However, they did not take a penny out of their pocket either, as the organizers took care of everything including accommodation, flights and changing rooms.

Indeed, the first half of the Super Bowl is a short, intense and expected party all year long, but where the artist does not receive any kind of payment. So why do they do that? Very easy, by being exposed to earning more general and short term contracts which means money later.

Speaking of characters, nearly 101 million people were seen in the world in addition to those who were in the stadium for the Super Bowl where the singers participated, so it’s definitely a great platform to get to know them even if you already have such a name. as such Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.