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Federico Viñas criticizes the “ceiling” that Liga MX has

Federico Viñas criticizes the “ceiling” that Liga MX has

Federico Viñasforward from Lyon, admit it Liga MX “has a ceiling”He saw fit to take another step forward, and his intention to immigrate to Europe became clear.

Summoned by Marcelo Bielsa To search for a place in Cuba AmericaThe Uruguayan gunner has been interviewed before Radio Sport 890 From his country, where the standard of Mexican football was one of the biggest concerns.

Although he admitted that it helped him improve some issues and that he could be “very demanding,” Phineas ended by pointing out that at some point we no longer aspire to anything more.

“Mexican football has given me everything, I have grown a lot as a player and as a person. There are a lot of levels, it makes you grow, but obviously it has a ceiling. It has helped me grow a lot and I would like to continue to grow, which is why you have to go to a more competitive league. These days I think about the national team and getting my place.

His intention is to play in the Italian or Spanish leagueThere is already some interest in him, according to comments sent to him by his representative, although there is still nothing concrete.

Mexicans feel comfortable

Regarding the tricolor footballers, Phineas stressed that they have quality The amenities in Liga MX are an important limitation To continue his improvement, with a few exceptions like Miguel Layón, from whom he learned that the Old Continent was the option for improvement.

“The Mexican player is very good, he has a lot of quality, but sometimes he needs that desire to keep progressing because Mexican football has everything and has everything.” You can race quietly in Mexico. I think he lacks that desire to excel in sports.

At Lyon they know he can leave

It is worth noting that in Lyon they already got the idea that Phineas will emigrate to European football, which is what happened Jesus Martinez himself admittedThe club president who is already preparing to bid farewell.

“Because of the ambition that he has, I can tell you that I hope Phineas will be here for two, three, four years, but because of the ambition that he has and what he has shown, I… I think he is a player who can play in Europe without any problem “I hope it happens,” he said in March.

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