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Mauro Linez asks Cruz Azul at Concachampions

Mauro Linez asks Cruz Azul at Concachampions

the America Still bleeding from the wound… plus Guardians 2021, which ended up in the hands blue cross, from the nest they still do not digest the judiciary in Concachampions Previous season of hand Los Angeles. In this new edition of the CONCACAF Championship, both Americans and cement producers can meet in the final.

Already in semi-final stays, Cruz Azul took a wrong step by falling last night against Rayados in the first leg of the BBVVA Arena.. However, they are convinced The Machine that they can flip the scoreboard and reach a new final to try to get the double after being crowned in MX . League.

Mauro Linez, Las guilas player, disturbed the hornet’s nest with some phrases referring to the “thorn” left in the personal duel against cement workers. For the young attacking midfielder, a duel against Cruz Azul in the final would be the ideal scenario, he says, to leave America as the best team in Mexico.

Mauro Linez vs Cruz Azul (Imago 7)

“Against Cruz Azul, I love it, I want it and show that we are the greatest. I want this opponent because he is a rival who is having a good moment, a competitor who is fine and I think we are also fine and it would be a good duel if we liked him. Last lap there was a fork that this would be the final but hey, we have another opportunity around the corner from here and we want to take advantage of it.“, Lainez told TUDN.

To see the wishes of younger Lainez fulfilled, America will have to overcome their semi-final elimination against him PhiladelphiaMLS team which will be a tough contender after making a decisive move through this edition of Concachampions. On the other hand, from Cruz Azul, they focus on a draw without looking at the sides and with their eyes also on the two-time championship… Things of style.

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