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Alexa Moreno and the Shame of "Romanticizing" Mexico's Poor Heroes

Alexa Moreno and the Shame of “Romanticizing” Mexico’s Poor Heroes

Alexa Moreno from Mexico during her participation in Tokyo 2020 where she took the 4th place in horse jumping. | Photo: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, the shame is not hers, but the shame of those who stick to their sports career knowing they are putting money out of their own wallet to make it happen. As if this rule is best for getting great results when what it reflects is the total abandonment of talent in Mexico. what he achieved Alexa Moreno In the Tokyo Olympics It is unusual and at the same time a slap in the face for those who, willingly or involuntarily, tried by all means to destroy amateur sport.

The words of the best gymnast in the history of the country were not a complaint, but they put the finger on the wound.

“It’s not that we need more Alexa Moreno, we need more gymnasts than Alexa Moreno. We need a system that works, because we’re in kindergarten, and more coaches and gyms are out there to get a real level.”

And she couldn’t be more correct, especially when the plot of events that led her to Tokyo and her fourth place under her arm was revealed, leaving only 17 percent of the podium due to the decisions of a panel of judges.

Because after his participation, it turned out that he trained last year paid for herself, even buying professional equipment to counteract the conditions you might find in Olympic fencing, Investing what they gave him from his National Sports Award Because in Mexico there is not a single gym that has the conditions that a high-performance athlete requires.

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This is even more scandalous when memory comes back, because it’s not that Alexa was raised by spontaneous generation this year, nor in the past, but that we all (sports authorities included) know that a young woman has a high probability of having a medal Since the last Rio 2016 games Then in 2018 when he got 3rd place in horse jumping At the World Gymnastics Championships in Qatar. If there is any ignorant.

is called, It took five years to prepare Which we knew was one of the sport’s finest promises, and simply left to its own devices. Even Miss Universe contestants receive more detailed attention, more care and more resources, knowing they can do well. Yes, it’s a special event, but the logic of this argument is based on support and preparation for someone who has a chance of winning.

In addition to the above, the Director of the National Sports Authority, Anna Gabriella GuevaraIt occurred to him to predict the events of Tokyo 2020 Mexico will return with at least 10 medals, as if there has been a drastic shift in the past three years in terms of supporting athletes with public resources.

However it is understandable. We know that There are more urgent needs in Mexico They need the money more urgently than creating high-end gyms. How do you build? Giant cartoon pyramids in the capital zócalo or baseball fields For the discipline whose performance was the most frustrating for the entire Mexican delegation at the Olympics, which in turn caused great sadness By breaking the rules Not only good taste, but also what the International Olympic Committee has endorsed. So there are priorities.

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TOKYO, JAPAN - AUGUST 01: Alexa Moreno of Team Mexico competes in the women's vaulting final on day 9 of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics at Ariake Gymnastics Center on August 1, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.  (Photo by Lawrence Griffith/Getty Images)

Photo: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

This is where it is worth noting how useless and even dangerous it is Romanticize this poverty Which prevails in sports and in the many branches where there is talent, with more desire than support, in the end something is achieved. when it isn’t Boxer bouncing on minibuses To raise money to go win a medal, she’s a gymnast who puts what’s supposed to come from taxes (like ball fields and pyramids) out of her purse. NS Although this makes him more “epic” his accomplishments should not be seen as anything but natural.

We should not get used to the fact that Guillermo del Toro or “Canelo” Álvarez will come to the rescue every time there is a negative situation due to deficiencies that must be resolved in advance, from medical attention, to support competition in mathematics competitions, technical or sports classifications.

Older people should not be celebrated for their “willingness to work and stay” when it reflects the deplorable quality of life in the absence of an effective retirement and pension plan. It is not normal to work without getting paid or compete without prior support “The simple satisfaction of having served the country.”, when none of those officials who finally rejoice and celebrate the victories and efforts of others, did not stop receiving their salaries.

There is no doubt the achievement Alexa Moreno He actually managed to go down in history, but he also put his finger on it. How will things be? She herself doubts participating in Paris 2024. But knowing what she had to do to be in Tokyo, we understand. And we like it more.

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