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Featherweight sings without auto-tone and spreads exponentially to his true voice

Featherweight sings without auto-tone and spreads exponentially to his true voice

Climbing to the top is not a privilege many can achieve, however featherweight Not only do his lounging passes appear in the top positions on various platforms, but they are also featured in international shows. His style began with music Mexico But it has branched out to different parts of the planet, to the point where it now seems to be everywhere and has reached the top of the world charts. However, at this time, it needs to be talked about because the video of him singing without an auto-voice has gone viral.

Autotune is undoubtedly the sound that has defined music in recent years. But although it is now used as a “simple” effect, it was born as a studio tool to be used “in secret”. By definition it is a software device that “auto-tunes”, started rolling (in principle) to correct for the small deviation of the singers in the recording studio.

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Just as you can manipulate the sound of the vocal chords, it also corrects the drum kit, adds guitar effects, or polishes any detail for all instruments. “Using autotune is cheatingcould say some old-fashioned artist who was unimpressed by these new looks. Without going into anything else in Episode 2 of This is the popseries Netflix Who deconstructs the history of pop music, there are many who repeat: “The funny thing is that you don’t know it’s being used, that the listener doesn’t recognize it.”

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the song “She dances alone“Generating a revolution. It has transcended Mexico’s borders, is being heard at international events and is emerging as one of the favorite topics for generating videos.” Tik Tok. This exponential growth begets fans but also detractors, who lick their lips at this time when criticizing the depiction that pervades the virtual planet.

Hassan Emilio Capande for La LigaKnown in the world of music as featherweight, impressed his followers by wondering how his voice would sound without the help of autotune. Fans’ curiosity was satisfied when it started to spread on the platform Tik Tok video in it P weakness His voice appears without any kind of arrangement.

How did you grow up?

The moment was born during an interview on the red carpet of an event, when the interviewer invited him to continue the lyrics of his most popular song. The 23-year-old singer stunned with an a cappella performance during this mini-interview and it was revealed without the help of the show. Anyway, there is also a percentage of fans who highlight his real vocal talent without having to modify it with any instrument.

It didn’t take long for the video to branch out because of the impressive makeover

The video has been shared by the user Astrid Galendez on TikTok, and quickly reached 10 million views and nearly 300,000 “likes,” becoming a viral phenomenon.

In TikTok comments, users have expressed their opinions on how TikTok sounds. featherweight without any arrangement. Although some praised her voice, most approved of the sudden change.

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