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Farruko on the situation that happened to him yesterday: "Oh my God, look how you give me signs"

Farruko on the situation that happened to him yesterday: “Oh my God, look how you give me signs”

Days away from talking about a transformation in his life and announcing his religious conversion to the publicthe Reggaeton Farroko He shared with his followers on social media an experience that happened to him yesterday afternoon on the highway.

“I have to tell you something happened to me now. I came in my car and with so many things going on in my life, the noise, the hustle and all, I forgot to put the petrol. I was going crazy in there,” he began in a video shared on the social network. Instagram.

“I literally ran out of fuel in the middle of the street and I said ‘Oh my God, what am I doing, Dad, take care of me, Lord, lest I get off here and you’re going to take me to a mess or they’ll beat me.’”

The translator of songs like “Pepas” and “Chilax” said that amid his questions about how to resolve this situation, a man came to his aid.

“You can believe me, it wasn’t two minutes before I was wondering how I’m going to solve the situation and when I looked back there was a utility truck on the side of the road and a man got out quickly and asked ‘what happened to you?'” “, shared.

“He didn’t ask me who I am, I don’t know if he recognized me, I don’t know, he didn’t say anything to me, he poured gasoline on me and said ‘Take care of yourself Daddy’, hit him there.

After that, the rapper commented that he did not have time to thank the guy because he quickly turned his back and left.

And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, really?’ You really exist, Dad, and you take care of your loved ones,” he wondered.

In the middle of his novel, the artist took advantage of the opportunity and addressed a letter to the man who helped him.

“This man is watching this, brother, God bless you, you didn’t let me leave you a tip, you didn’t let me pay you, but God bless your family, brother, and a thousand blessings upon you above because you people like these are the ones we need.” I told him.

Farruko has also analyzed this situation and linked it to everything that has happened to him in recent days after his transformation was publicly announced at a concert last Saturday at the FTX Arena in Miami.

He added, “I’m amazed because I talk about it at my parties and everything that happens to me and I say look to God how you keep giving me signals.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “There are still good people, do not lose these values, and do not lose those things.”

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