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Famous House 2: Perks Some Contestants Have According to Niurka Marcos |  Telemundo nnda nnlt |  Fame

Famous House 2: Perks Some Contestants Have According to Niurka Marcos | Telemundo nnda nnlt | Fame

2 weeks ago, He was chosen by the public as the contestant in “″ He had to leave. Since then, mother He criticized the handling of Telemundo’s show and the behavior of some celebrities inside.

On the reality show, it was noted that Cuban had a group of people she was dating, during that With others such as Salvador Zerboni, Laura Bozzo and He was in constant struggle.

“The House of Celebrities” airs at 7 PM ET on Telemundo and is coming to a close soon. Instead, it will be issued .

Norca Marcos spoke about her time on “The House of Celebrities 2” with Mara Patricia Castaneda (Photo: Mara Patricia Castaneda/Youtube)

Privileges enjoyed by some of the contestants in “The HOUSE OF FAMOUS 2

In an interview with , Nyorca Marcos criticized the famous movie The House of the 2 again, even saying that he regretted for the first time his participation in a project. However, the thing that caught the attention of netizens was that he confirmed that his rivals Salvador Zarboni, Laura Pozo and Daniela Navarro were given special privileges from the production.

They put a cell phone in it so Zerboni (Salvador) Zerboni, Rafael (Neves) and Daniela (Navarro) can talk. They had a cell phone inside the house’,” the 54-year-old dancer confirmed on July 24.Laura (Pozzo), whenever you feel like it, you go to Somme, which is where they put together the different groups, yes to party, yes to removal, yes to welcome a family member“.

He also confirmed that despite the rules, they can access cell phones and confidential information.

Give them the privilege of owning a cell phone, pass him pieces of paper and put up signsHe indicated that it contained information.

They gave him alone inside, so Zarboni knew before they punished Nacho that they would take his power for the rescue. How did Zarboni know when they were going to kill me, that I had already been eliminated. When he said goodbye to me, he said, “See you outside, I’m sorry.” what does that mean?question. “Likewise we can sit here all afternoon“.

What did Telemundo answer about the alleged privileges?

Alleged nepotism accusations by the production of “The House of Famous 2” are serious, so the company has responded by outright denying the allegations. ““He called Telemundo and got statements from him.

All celebrities in “The House of the Famous” receive the same treatment, benefits and opportunities‘ replied the well-known soap opera production company.In the end, as stipulated in the program’s rules, it is the audience who decides week after week by a vote of the celebrity who remains or leaves the competition.“.

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