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Faculty of Biological Sciences, stable and growing: University President Lilia Cedillo Ramírez

Faculty of Biological Sciences, stable and growing: University President Lilia Cedillo Ramírez

  • This was highlighted during the second work report by director Salvador Galicia Isamendi

Listening to the second work report of the Director of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Salvador Galicia Isamendi, Rector María Lilia Cedillo Ramírez said that she was satisfied to observe the growth and stability of this academic unit, as well as the balance it maintains between academic and research.

He said, 36 years after the establishment of this college, its consolidation is reflected in the number of researchers within the national system of researchers, as well as other indicators: the profile, the number of academic bodies, and participation in university-sponsored projects. National Council for Humanities, Science and Technology (Conahcyt).

He noted that support for the approval of the construction of CU2 by the Federal Semarnat and the State Environment Secretariat was largely based on the species conservation work carried out by the Faculty of Biological Sciences for years, and therefore their contribution was crucial in validating the validity of both agencies.

Addressing the students, professors and members of the Academic Unity Council, Dr. Salvador Galicia reported that they currently provide care for a student community of 1,800 students, through Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the latter recognized for high-quality postgraduate courses in Conahsett.

He stated that the biotechnology degree, now in its tenth year, is distinguished by being interdisciplinary and relevant. Due to its quality and results, it has been certified at Level 1 by CIEES for five years; While the Biology degree is also CIEES accredited.

Galicia Isamendi also reported that 67 academics make up the teaching staff of this college, of which 74 percent hold a doctorate; 48% of them are members of the National System of Researchers; 32 Prodep profiles and 29 registered with academic bodies; While 91 percent of the total have a base.

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The Director of the Faculty of Biological Sciences also spoke about the technological transfer that takes place through research projects and the integration of students into these works and the agreements that have been reached, one to evaluate synergistic effects and the other with UNAM for the study of the geology of the station.

He thanked the Rector Lilia Cedillo for the support regarding the modernization of laboratories, the equipping of warehouses, the maintenance and replacement of covers in the workplaces and the delivery of the transport unit that facilitated the completion of 33 field exercises for the students. Finally, he reiterated his commitment to his community members, who he assured would enthusiastically participate in the projects involved in CU2.