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Explora Los Ríos has a positive evaluation of teacher training in 2021 – Diario Lanco

Explora Los Ríos has a positive evaluation of teacher training in 2021 – Diario Lanco

The project implemented by the Directorate of Communication with the Environment of the University of Austral in Chile focused on issues of social sciences, humanities and pre-school education.

With a total of 91 education professionals trained during 2021 through its various programs targeting the school environment, the year of the Explora Los Ríos project of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation reached its peak. The Early Childhood Inquiry, or PIPE, and research and innovation initiatives in schools brought together teachers, educators, technicians and even directors of regional institutions in the area who enthusiastically participated in the calls.

The trainings focused on providing educational tools that enable teachers as guides in the work of scientific research with their students. Among the initiatives, the Research Course in Arts and Humanities stands out, jointly created with the Faculty of History and Social Sciences and Coordination of Communication with the Environment at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Austral in Chile.

With the participation of 10 teachers of art, social sciences, language and history, the course ran from August to October, with a series of online lessons to support an area not always associated with Explora. Forces’ research efforts in the humanities and arts will be completed in 2022, when teams of students are expected to begin work in the area.

For Explora Los Ríos project manager, Dra. Camilla Tejo Harstoy, The placement of the social sciences and humanities in the school’s scholarly research has opened up possibilities in areas that are not seen as a research topic. “Through these courses, we wanted to promote areas that are often neglected or not seen as part of the Explora programme. Social sciences, arts and humanities, and even innovation, are an essential part of Explora’s work, as our mission is to enhance teacher training in All areas of knowledge. Accessing history, language, and visual arts teachers and promoting the openness of these fields is something we have worked with with early ages inquiry programs and research and innovation initiatives in schools, offering trainings and workshops that may complement their educational activities later,” he added.

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This is not the only teacher training initiative developed in 2021. Research workshops in the natural sciences and social sciences were also part of the “Explora Education Academy” which supports educational work to advise students on their scientific research projects. Combined with training in digital tools and effective science communication, these experiences have supported the School Research and Innovation Initiative promoted by the Explora program at the national level.


The Early Age Inquiry Program has passed its second year of implementation with great success with 47 teachers from the region committed to bringing nature and technology not only into their classrooms, but also into the homes of girls and boys.

For the person in charge of the program in Los Rios, Carolina Chavez, the challenge focused on the hybrid method implemented by the educators. With the delivery of pedagogical materials, PIPE reached 11 out of 12 municipalities in the region with the participation of 251 pre-school students.

The challenge was to complete the face-to-face remote and hybrid work done by the program participants, “We provided tangible materials in pedagogical cards so that they could work in the classroom and also so that families could work from their homes. They were well received by Teachers and families, who have been able to carry out many of these activities. We have made five videos of science experiments with illustrated explanations of the experiments, bringing science closer to boys and girls. These materials are available on YouTube where you can learn about these activities.”

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He also highlighted the role that the program plays in supporting an area that needs support in the early stages of development, especially for girls and boys to understand their environment.

Training initiatives for educational professionals will continue in 2022 with a focus on the arts, humanities, social sciences, innovation, and natural sciences. The first instance starts next Monday the 10th with ExploraVA Camp! Which will train several education professionals in a remote format for a week.