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Evelyn Beltran: What is Tony Costa's girlfriend doing |  US celebrities |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Evelyn Beltran: What is Tony Costa’s girlfriend doing | US celebrities | nnda nnlt | Fame

When all attention and glances were directed at her, since she was a person who was not in the television medium, and more information was needed on this subject, which can be obtained through .

Thanks to these digital platforms, we have witnessed the greatest manifestations of mutual love they have had in recent months, and the support she gave to her lover when she was in “”, their battles with fans who criticize them, especially the best moments they have shared so far.

In addition to all of the above, over time we have explored all aspects of the current couple of the Spanish dancer, so now we are going to make a summary and find out what exactly this passionate girl does. .

Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltran met again after passing through the Celebrity House (Image: Tony Costa/Facebook)



As soon as Evelyn Beltrán was known, the first thing we found out was that she It is a social network that currently has more than 300 thousand followers, although we must mention that the number of fans increased significantly when his relationship with the ex .

On her personal accounts, she usually uploads videos and photos of what she loves most, while in her stories she shares some of the things she does on a daily basis, as well as the ads she usually gives for some of the brands she promotes.

I worked in modeling

It is also important to highlight that she is a model and that she previously had experience winning some local beauty pageants, which shows her talent on the catwalks and physical charisma that would make anyone fall in love.

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medical help

In addition to these two things, Evelyn Beltrán has a permanent job, which she announced when Tony was fully involved in the reality show. . On that occasion, the young woman of Mexican descent told the whole world that she works as a paramedic.

“Today I start a new phase in my life, my new job as a medical assistant. All good things take time and fate will always put you at the right time with the right people. Feel blessed”hung at the time.

Evelyn Beltrán when she announced her new job (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán/Instagram)
Evelyn Beltrán when she announced her new job (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán/Instagram)


How was the counter between TONI COSTA and EVELYN BELTRAN?

After participating infamous houseThe dancer starred in an emotional reunion and one of the most anticipated events was the one he had with his girlfriend Evelyn Beltran.

Although both of them had communicated by phone, his followers hoped to see them in person. .

Why doesn’t Evelyn Beltron force Tony to talk about her ex-boyfriend?

Evelyn Beltran told the media:The opinionWho – which It never bothers him that Tony Costa talks about what he experienced with Adamari Lopez How is your relationship now? She is calm because she knows that all romantic feelings are in the past and Now only their daughter Alia is joining them.

Unless it’s in my Sunnah it doesn’t hurt me. Her ex-partner was an important figure in Tony’s life, why? Because they have this amazing girl that Tony is madly in love with, and it’s basically a big part of Tony’s story today.models explained. .

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What languages ​​does Evelyn Beltron speak?

Thanks to the exemplary question-and-answer interaction of The Mexican model has expressed herself about the languages ​​she has learned throughout her life. Which is that one of her followers had that curiosity and embodied it in a question that she answers without any problem. What did you reply? to know.