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Elon Musk mocked a disabled Twitter worker, fired him, and then wanted to rehire him

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. (AP Photo/Suzanne Walsh, File)

If you weren’t told you were fired, are you really fired? On Twitter, probably. But sometimes you get your job back…if you like.

Haraldur Thorlevsonwho until recently worked on the social network, logged into his computer for work, only to find that he, like 200 other employees, didn’t have access.

In the same way as others before him through Chaotic months of cuts And layoffs since then Elon Musk He took over the reins of the company, he could have imagined losing his job.

Instead, after nine days without receiving a response from Twitter Whether he’s still employed or not, Thorleifsson decided to tweet Musk to see if he could get the businessman’s attention and get a response about his odd job situation.

“Maybe if enough people retweet me you’ll reply here again?”He tweeted on Monday.

He finally got his answer after exchanging surreal tweets with Musk, who proceeded to grill him about his work, questioned his disability and their need for special arrangements (Thorleifsson, better known as “May I“, He suffers muscle atrophy He uses a wheelchair), and tweeted that Thorleifsson has an “active and prominent Twitter account that is a multi-millionaire” and that “the reason I am publicly confronted is to get a large financial settlement”. While this was happening, Thorleifsson said he received an email telling him he was no longer employed by the company.

The Twitter logo outside the company’s offices in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)
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However, Musk changed his mind on Tuesday afternoon.

“I would like to apologize to Haley for misunderstanding her situation. It was based on things she told me were not true or were in some cases true but not important.” He is considering whether or not to stay on Twitter.

Thorleifsson did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment after Musk’s tweet. In a previous email he said the whole experience sounded like “Surrealism”.

“You had every right to fire me. But it would be great if you told me!” he tweeted to Musk.

Thorleifsson, who lives in Iceland, will not continue working with the company: “I will open a restaurant in the center of Reykjavik Very soon,” he tweeted. “Named after my mom.”

(with information from the AP)

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