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Eli de la Cruz tied for ninth for Cincinnati

Eli de la Cruz tied for ninth for Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Reds want to join the 2023 Major League Baseball postseason party and every day matters to them.

The National League wild card is on fire and everyone in the franchise knows it, including promising youngster Eli de la Cruz.advertisements

Tonight, the Reds meet in the second game of the series against the Chicago Cubs at Great American Ball Park.

What a game!

A real duel could be seen between the two teams, as only three runs were made and two of them were home runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, thanks in part to Eli de la Cruz.

The ninth remained scoreless until the top of the seventh.

The Chicago Cubs opened the plate and got a minimal advantage over the Cincinnati Reds, and it stayed that way into the closing stages.

Eli de la Cruz arrived with three of his teammates on the podiums: Harrison Bader, TJ Friedel and Spencer Steer. With no teams on the board, the Dominicans faced throws from their right-hander, Mark Leiter Jr.

The 84.2 mph breaker was a Leiter Jr. error, the handoff fell a bit and the Cincinnati Reds kicker took advantage of that to hit a slam dunk into right field to tie the move in the final inning.

Minutes later, a deft shot by Dansby Swanson was inches away from becoming a powerful double play that would save the entry and extend the game into extra innings, but that wasn’t the case, home left the field for a visit, thanks Eli de la Cruz part.

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