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Eleven high schools in Itata County will benefit from "portable science labs."

Eleven high schools in Itata County will benefit from “portable science labs.”

The Ñuble Education Seremi Meet with management teams 11 secondary schools in the backward area of ​​Itata Prefecture Who will benefit? Portable Science Labs Project, which seeks to provide new technologies and equipment for teaching workshops in biology, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and others.

The initiative presented in Bicentennial High School Domingo Ortiz de Rozas de Coelemu, is about to sign an agreement to be financed through the National Fund for Regional Development to invest more than 252 million pesos.

“This type of project seeks to deliver Tools to improve learning and enhance knowledge, for the benefit of our youth Of the 11 institutions in our two countries are located in a lagging region” Presidential Delegate Cristobal Gardezza.

The Serme Education, Patricio Parregas, detailing that “this project includes the acquisition of laboratory equipment That will benefit more than 6400 students.

He added that the differenceSeremi will take it and hand it over as a corporate loan To implement workshops and practical classes according to the study plan.

The project is learning items On microscopy, optics, cell biology, biology, chemistry, mechanics, magnetism, electricity and heat. It also includes science software For digital learning and teaching management measurements and assessments.

The beneficiaries will be Diego Messin Burgos Multi-Purpose High School (Cupquicora), Domingo Ortiz de Rosas High School and Guarilihue School (Quilmo), Arturo Prat Chacon Bicentennial High School (Ninho), Nibaldo Sepúlveda Bicentennial High School (Portzuelo), Carlos Montani Castro Multipurpose High School 200 years (Quereho), Virginia Arias Polyvalent High School Bicentennial (Rankel), High School Bicentennial (Triwako), Liceo Bicentenario Polivalente de Excelencia and Liceo Bicentenario Técnico Puente Ñuble (Saint Nicholas) and Luis Cruz Martinez Multipurpose High School (Quilon).

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