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Elections at UBA: Social science teachers vote |  Ana Arias and Ana Catalano top the lists vying for the Dean

Elections at UBA: Social science teachers vote | Ana Arias and Ana Catalano top the lists vying for the Dean

teachers Faculty of Social Sciences at UBA They vote from today until Thursday for their representatives on the board of directors, in an election that will determine much of the contention for the dean. Anna Arias, a social worker, MA in Social Policy and Doctor of Social Sciences, is the dean candidate proposed by the List Social in Movement, promoted by the Peronist, center-left and independent sectors. In return, you will have a Social in Common, backed by the university’s extremism, and its candidate for Dean Anna CatalanoCurrent Vice Dean and Professor of Labor Relations. During this same week Connect the five races to college.

The Boards of Directors of UBA Colleges consist of sixteen members: eight professors, four alumni, and four students. For this reason, it is the election of faculty that determines the candidacy for institutional leadership.

Current Dean of Social Sciences, Carolina MiraThis year, his first term ends and he will not go for re-election. The alliance that Mira took over in 2018 was led by Peronist sectors but with radical allies. After the first year in office, there was a break in the coalition.

The Social in Movement list includes various groups that accompanied the Mira administration at the time. “We need to strengthen our faculty of love, brotherhood, and fraternal dialogue. In the social movement, we encourage the intersection of professions, teachers, and institutes. The unity of all, all one, recognizing the diversity that constitutes us as one courage,” Arias told Page 12.

Diego de Charras He is the candidate for deputy dean on the list headed by Arias. A teacher and researcher for the Right to Information, he was the Director of the Communication Science Function and Head of the Social Network and Journalistic Jobs in Argentina (RedCom). De Charras suggests that “this society is able to articulate degrees, tutors and institutes that promote permanent dialogue”, “a society that can advance in agreements without denying differences”.

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The other menu shown is common social, Which brings together the radical sectors that oppose the management of Mira. “I am a member of the list of professors who would like to participate in the college’s highest governing body: the Board of Directors. In this sense, we want the College for open discussion and effective decision-making for actions taken because we come from a long decline in management,” Catalano said.

Zana RodriguezA graduate of the Faculty of Political Science and a faculty teacher, he is the candidate for the position of Deputy Dean of Joint Social Affairs. “On our list are professors from five positions with different professional and academic experiences who have one thing in common and that is our commitment to the college,” Rodriguez said.


Also in the social sphere, this week the election of directors and members of professional councils takes place, which is of great importance in the internal life of the faculty. Professional councils, which are responsible for discussing study plans and proposing juries, are made up of teachers, alumni and students in equal parts: five representatives each (as opposed to what happens in UBA-recognized intergovernmental bodies, where professors have 50 percent representation and other monasteries 25 each). Access to seats from the floor is given 20 percent of the vote: the majority represents three or four deputies, depending on whether there are one or two minorities. Board members have a mandate of two years, in all monasteries equally.

* Sociology: Hugo Lewin leaves the direction and is replaced by Rodrigo Salgado, the current Academic Secretary of Sociology has been nominated, with the support of Sociología en Plural. Carlos Belvedere was nominated by the Social Society and Lukas Rubinic by the group Social Fiction – Left.

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* Social Service: Karina Soraya Giraldes is promoting Karina Soraya Giraldes as a candidate. She competes with Jorgelina Matusevicius who works with the Red Collective Project.

* Political Science: Elsa Llenderozas aspires to continue as a director, along with Alternativa Plural. He competes with Luciano Nosetto with the support of the Movement’s Political Science List. Maria Constanza Costa of the Political Science Renewal and José Castillo, who is running without the professors’ list.

* work’s relationships: Mariano Batistuti is seeking re-election with the support of Prioridad RT. Mariana Nogueira with Somos RT; Silvia Garrow of RT Democracy; Espacio Autónomo RT is offered without a director’s filter and Enzo Canade without a master’s roster.

* Communication sciences: Larissa Kejval is seeking re-election with the support of Nexo, the historic group of alumni and educators who run the profession. Other nominees are Fabiola Ferro, promoted by La Esquerda in Sociales, and Gustavo Paula, with the support of Connection with Everyone.