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El Vida gives another blow of power against Platense and regains command of the Apertura - Diez . Championship

El Vida gives another blow of power against Platense and regains command of the Apertura – Diez . Championship

90 + 2 minutes: End of the match, Vida beat Platense 3-1 in La Ceiba and regained the lead in the opening tournament. Goals Carlos Sanchez, Chavesco and Luis Palma.

90th minute: Two more minutes have been added.

81st minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO from Vida, Luis Palma makes it 3-1 against Platense with an amazing free kick.

75th minute: Red card for Jorge Cardona (double yellow) for a fight with Carlos Sanchez, who also received a yellow card.

73rd minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOL From Platense, Willian Moncada made it 2-1 against Vida, the center from the right and the striker placed his chest to push the ball.

69th minute: UUUUFF…Palma’s huge right hand is inside the area and the ball hits the post.

64th minute: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO del Vida, Chavasco took a great left foot, and the ball hit the post and fell into the net. Coconut Trees beat Platense 2-0.

62nd minute: Yellow by Carlos Argueta del Vida.

60th minute: Change in life, Chavasco enters for Alexander Aguilar.

55th minute: The tag does not move. Vida and Platense have a very difficult duel.

minute 46: The second half begins in La Ceiba, Vida minimum wins over Platense.

45 + 2: The end of the first half, Vida beat Platense 1-0 with a penalty kick from Tejeda.

45th minute: Added 2 more minutes.

minute 39: Aldo Fajardo received a filtered pass and was unable to locate it before the departure of goalkeeper Roberto Lopez.

minute 28: Change in Platense, Henry Reyes enters in favor of Santos.

minute 23: Palma’s luxurious pass Angel Tejeda masterfully controlled and fired a powerful and cross shot, but Jose Pineda saved his team.

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minute 21: A free kick from Palma crossed the goal.

Minute 20: Life 1-0 – Platense.

14th minute: Platense claims a criminal offense, but Hector Rodriguez is not punished for anything.

Minute 10: Yellow for Jorge Cardona. Carlos Argueta slapped him in the face.

Minute 6: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Life, Carlos Sanchez scored 1-0 with a penalty kick.

minute 4: Penalty kick for Vida, lack of goalkeeper Jose Pineda against Alexandre Aguilar. Platency exit error.

minute 1: The match begins at Ceibeño Stadium, and Vida and Platense collide on the 17th day of the Apertura Championship.

4:51 pm: Vida also made his starting lineup: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Argueta, Antoni Garcia, Juan Pablo Montes, Denis Melendez, Carlos Sanchez, Sergio Peña, Roger Sander, Alexandre Aguilar, Angel Tejeda and Luis Palma.

4:43 pm: Platense confirms his eleventh match against Vida en La Ceiba: Jose Pineda, Marcos Martinez, Cesar Oseguera, Andrade, Mendoza, Richard Zuniga, Montoya, Jorge Cardona, Aranda, Santos and Aldo Fajardo.

4:41 pm: The teams are already doing their own warm-up exercises.

4:40 pm: The audience begins to arrive at Ceibeño Stadium. Life will not be lonely today.

Life and Platency Collision in La Ceiba on match day 17 of Inaugural tournament from National League And where the coconut trees are forced to add three of them to regain the leadership that currently belongs to Real Spain.

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Although El Tiburon is last in the ranking, the task will not be easy for the locals, as Platency Five games without losing in La Ceiba.

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