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Ricardo Gareca When will Al Ittihad meet with the coach to negotiate his continuation in the Peruvian team?  |  RMMD DTCC |  Total Sports

Ricardo Gareca When will Al Ittihad meet with the coach to negotiate his continuation in the Peruvian team? | RMMD DTCC | Total Sports

It’s time to make decisions and think about all that has been done and what can be done. And it’s not just about , if not from all that surrounds it. after the fall In the playoffs, the coach’s contract expired, so now is the time to strive for continuity.

FPF’s desire is that Ricardo Gareca It is maintained through a third process responsible for Bicolor. “We would like Ricardo Gareca to stay. He is a coach who taught us a lot and changed the mentality of the players”The captain reassured Pedro GalezAs the sound of the sanctuary. This squad is united under the leadership of “The Tiger” and they can go with him for more.

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The same Agustín Lozano has already said that they will seek this agreement with the coachAlthough they haven’t talked about it yet. These days there will be a lot of dialogue and a lot of conversation. We are very grateful to Ricardo.”, the leader of the América Deportes in Doha reassured. “We have this week of analysis and reflection and see what we have to do for the next World Cup,” he added.

“When we get to Lima, it is time to rethink many things. I have a game going on in my head. This is not the time to talk about my continuity. I can only express my pain and the pain of the boys”they were After losing to Australia. There is a lot to define.

what’s coming

Tangible thing is that today Ricardo Gareca’s future has yet to be decided. trade He was able to find out that upon arrival in Lima, the coach will close everything related to the sports process and then think about what his renewal will be.

They tell us that from La Videna Ricardo Gareca will meet the captain of the Peruvian team Juan Carlos Oplitas between Thursday and Friday of this week. If not, it will be Monday or Tuesday. There you will be asked what offer they have for your continuity. After that meeting, the coach can travel to Argentina to make the decision with his family.

Although it seems that the circumstances will not make Gareca decide to stay, it is worth remembering his words that he criticized the system that does not give importance to the sporting part of the country and that in Peruvian football it needs improvement – from infrastructure to concrete projects-, in technical leadership Peruvian, there is a sense of the ability to continue in the two-tone.

Assistants Nestor Bonello and Sergio Santin were expressing their acceptance to continue working in Vidina. This means that the main men surrounding Garika are ready to stay. Only the most important OK will be missing, which is “Tiger”.

They will be days full of analysis and reflection, says Augustin Lozano, but it is up to him to improve the conditions of Peruvian football that will allow Ricardo Gareca to have better conditions for a possible third operation.

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