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America de Cali: Analysis of the 1-1 draw with Alianza in Liga Betplay 2021 |  Colombian football |  Betplay League

America de Cali: Analysis of the 1-1 draw with Alianza in Liga Betplay 2021 | Colombian football | Betplay League

It is true that América de Cali maintains its healthy sporting potential for ranking matches in the BetPlay II-2021 League, but each time the dates pass it becomes a more complex target, especially due to the number of teams that remain the same. Ambitious in the absence of four or three matches only for some.

Equidad and Pereira are still on the road, like Pasto in Pascual Guerrero, but in this scenario he lost 3 matches and tied 3, showing a 44.4% drop in production.

He has 23 points, two ahead of eighth, which is Bucaramanga, but Cali, Santa Fe and Quindio should play on Monday, and if they win they will leave him more committed.

It was evident that it was necessary to beat a very difficult competitor like Alianza Petrolera, but again there was evidence of the flaws of the Crimson Chest against a direct competitor, but the part which Hubert Bodhert very well put out and with strong arguments, secured behind him and with a great deal of Sufficiency in defensive and offensive shifts, a factor that hurts those led by Juan Carlos Osorio and this time Pompilio Paez.

For FUTBOLRED, here are the reasons for the 1-1 draw at Pascual Guerrero.

Bad hookups and play all that comes out: It’s unbelievable that a team like America can’t put four passes in a row together because their players make a mistake in the first intent game, a flaw that rivals discovered and started to channel.

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In addition, when the clock becomes his worst opponent, the team plays everything that goes out, upside down and betrays what it works for during the week. Therefore, the desperation that ends up confuses them to correctly implement the idea of ​​​​the game of Juan Carlos Osorio.

Points deficit in Pascual Guerrero: Still a poor host. Of the 27 points he played in the San Fernando scene, he only added 12, tally of 3 wins and 3 draws, which is a 44.4% performance and the reason why he has not yet been able to secure himself in the next one.

Suffers a lot against fast competitors: In the midst of the limitations of its generation, America is trying to hunt down the rival target, lines ahead, but it is also true that the defense is very exposed. It happened recently with Nacional and Alianza Petrolera could have benefited more from this situation.

Scarlet attack is ineffective: Everyone knows the importance of Adrián Ramos in the American attack zone, but Alianza practically hid him and was seen in a play at the end of the game that passed just off José Luis Chunga’s right post.

Deinner Quiñones flew like malicious taxi drivers and Emerson Batala ended up as confused as the team, seeing that time had passed and they couldn’t hit the target.

Changes without any significance: Elvis Mosquera and Rodrygo Aurea didn’t feel a bit when they entered the supplemental part, but Joao Rodriguez certainly didn’t generate anything in attack. Larry Angulo came up with the idea of ​​making the attack volume in the “carriers” area, but, on the contrary, the central positions turned out to be very convenient.

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