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California was unable to get out of her Tesla and recorded the painful moment (video)

California was unable to get out of her Tesla and recorded the painful moment (video)

The woman decided not to open the doors due to the emergency because she feared this would damage her car. | Photo: X/Brianna__Janelle

A woman was terrified after she was trapped in a Tesla while trying to update the car’s operating system. This is Brianna Janelle who posted her story on the social network TikTok.

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The woman decided to upgrade her car when she was parked in the parking lot of a restaurant in Costa Mesa, California, USA, when she was trapped in her Tesla for about 40 minutes without even being able to lower the windows.

Janelle had to endure high temperatures while inside the car, and the situation was made worse because she was unable to lower any of the Tesla’s windows. Then the woman decided to tell her terrible experience through a video on social media.

Tesla has hand grips designed for use when the car loses power, but Janelle decided to wait in case her car was damaged, as it was in the process of updating the software at the time.

“It’s 103 degrees (Fahrenheit) inside my car, so I’m a little scared. I hope I don’t run out of air,” said the worried young woman, adding: “I can’t open the doors or windows, otherwise I might damage my car, so I’m stuck here sweating.” She said: Soaked chicken.


Note to self: Don’t upgrade your car while you’re at it. #Tslatok #Tesla

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The woman had placed an order in a restaurant and decided to go out to her vehicle and wait there until it was ready. She started upgrading the vehicle at that moment, and then she became trapped. The order had been ready 30 minutes ago and she was still inside her car.

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“My Chick-fil-A order was ready 30 minutes ago. I’m literally sitting outside,” the woman said, confirming that the car had managed to reach a temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 46 degrees Celsius.

Janelle shared a follow-up video in which she confirmed that she was finally able to get out and turn on the air conditioning inside her car.

“I literally was able to get out of my car. He said, ‘Look, I’m sweating,'” He also added, “Air conditioning has never felt this good and I’ve never felt better.” “I feel like I just took a shower.”

According to the Daily Mail, Janelle also admitted that she could have gotten out using the manual release function, but she was “scared of messing up my car.”

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