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Eight new features on YouTube: Fixed Size, interactions, and more

Eight new features on YouTube: Fixed Size, interactions, and more

New YouTube features will go live in the coming weeks. (Getty Images)

Youtube Introduced new features and design updates, including the app YouTube Kids.

Here are the new features:

This tool will be activated to reduce annoying differences in volume, to improve overall viewing and listening. To do this, users have to navigate to and select additional video settings “stable volume”.

This tool provides better audio control on mobile devices. (Youtube)

For users who enjoy watching videos in double the time, it is now easier to do so. When playing a video, whether in full screen or portrait mode, simply press and hold anywhere on the player to automatically increase the playback speed. Run 2x. This feature will be available on the web, tablets and mobile devices.

Users just need to double-click the video to adjust its speed. (Youtube)

To help users find specific moments in videos, there are now larger preview thumbnails while searching.

If the person changes his mind, for example if he starts searching and needs to return, you can move your finger back to where you started and lift it when you feel the vibration; This way you will be taken back to the exact part of the video where you left off.

The device will vibrate when a person reaches a specific moment. (Youtube)

Was there an accidental touch on the phone that affected the video playback? The update brings a screen lock feature on mobile devices and tablets so that screens can be locked and unwanted interruptions avoided.

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To activate it, you must follow the following steps:

-Go to the video.

-Click on Settings.

-He chooses “screen’s lock”.

The feature is only available for mobile devices and tablets. (Youtube)

To unlock the screen

– Touch any part of the video player to show the lock button.

-He chooses “Click to open”.

Users will be able to search for a song by playing it, singing it, or humming it. This function is used Amnesty International To match the audio to the original recording, it will be released in the coming weeks and will be available on Android devices for now.

This function applies artificial intelligence. (Youtube)

To make it easier to find all your YouTube content in one place, tab library And the page of account It has been integrated into a new home page called Youwhere you can find videos, playlists, previously viewed videos, downloads and purchases, as well as related account settings and channel information.

The You tab implements many YouTube playback tools. (Youtube)

When creators ask viewers to click the Like or Subscribe button, an animation will be displayed on those buttons that will be synced with the video. Once your followers click this button, they’ll experience a mini explosion of fun sparkle as a reward.

Now, when creators ask viewers to like or subscribe, a visual cue will appear on those buttons in conjunction with the video. (Youtube)

The top comments are automatically rotated, allowing you to review the most relevant comments from the community. Additionally, for newly posted videos, a new animation has been introduced that updates the real-time view and number of likes for the first 24 hours.

Watching videos on a smart TV changes the description position. (Youtube)

Over the past year, YouTube has updated the smart TV experience and now offers additional improvements to make videos easier to navigate. In the Smart TVViewers will find a new vertical menu that provides quick access to video details such as description, comments, subscription, and chapters.

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To access this menu, simply click on the title of the video while it is playing. Similar improvements are rolling out to web and mobile, including a scrollable description section with a sharper layout.