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HONOR 90 and its 200 MP camera: What are the features of this cell phone and why does it break the boundaries of photography?

HONOR 90 and its 200 MP camera: What are the features of this cell phone and why does it break the boundaries of photography?

HONOR 90 breaks the boundaries of photography

the camera A smartphone has become one of the features most valued by users. Far from being just a device for making calls and staying online, a cell phone acts as a pocket camera to capture meaningful moments.

For this reason, we at Infobae learned about HONOR’s latest development is the HONOR 90 Which is characterized by the presence of A 200-megapixel (MP) triple camera is on the back of the device. But what does that mean? Or rather why is it said that owning this mobile phone is an advantage?

– Printing on a large scale

HONOR 90 200MP camera features minimal landscape detail (HONOR)

If you are a photography enthusiast and prefer to have photos in physical format, the HONOR 90 200MP camera is a very useful tool. High Resolution and Hi-Res mode allow you to print images from standard dimensions to billboard size while maintaining image clarity.

-Quality in photos and videos

The 1/1.4-inch sensor in the 200MP main camera allows for superior light capture, resulting in photos and videos with a level of detail and color similar to those of a professional camera.

– Microscopic details

The high resolution of 200 MP allows you to see details that were not yet felt in photos taken with smartphones. So everyone can zoom in on part of the image and still see the details in high definition.

HONOR Image 90 is now available for purchase (HONOR)

-Digital zoom

The high pixel count also translates into high-quality digital zoom, allowing users to view distant objects and buildings with a special level of detail.

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edit photos

High-resolution images captured with the HONOR 90 allow for further editing without losing the original image quality. This includes settings Tones, contrasts and light levels.

Honor Photography 90 (Honor)

In addition to the 200MP main camera, the HONOR 90 includes an ultra-wide-angle camera and a 12MP macro camera, ideal for capturing large-scale landscapes. Also, it was lostDepth camera that allows you to create portraits with bokeh effect, Highlight the subject of the photo.

Finally, when using the HONOR 90, anyone can feel like a professional because they have in their hands an evolution of the latest technology with cameras for greater image quality, numerous options for editing and use outside the digital realm, as well as compilation. A versatile and, in short, an outstanding experience, whether in photography or video.