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How do you activate 'birthday mode' in WhatsApp

How do you activate ‘birthday mode’ in WhatsApp

As Christmas Eve approaches, there are few people who have not already been conquered by the Christmas spirit: lights, trees, crowns … begin to sparkle in the streets and in the houses. Now, this may be short for some people and they choose for Christmas decoration Everything at your fingertips. This includes mobile apps.

Among the most applications Use this WhatsApp And how could it be otherwise, the activation of the “Christmas mode” may be tempting for many users. But how is it placed?

The truth is that there is no mode as such, but this is the name that has been popularized by the Internet to denote some changes made by different users. between them, Put a hat on the WhatsApp logo.

How to customize WhatsApp for Christmas

The first and easiest is to change the chat background. In “Settings” (in iOS, “Settings” in Android), “Chat” you can change the picture after our messages.

From this point on, all you have to do is Choose a wallpaper. It can be anything from a solid color like red or green to a Christmas image (like a snowy night or a silhouette of the Three Wise Men) downloaded from the image bank.

The second step, which signals to the world how much we live Christmas, is to change the profile picture. Whether for a selfie with Ugly Christmas Sweater or with friends and family.

And the third, already for the most enthusiastic, is an increase Sticker library With a big fan of Christmas stickers. This can be achieved through the iOS ‘Discover sticker apps’ or ‘Get more stickers’ options. on android.

Put the hat on the logo

This step already requires an external application and is only valid for people who have it from your Android phone.

First of all, you have to do Download the app new launcher, which allows you to customize application icons. To place the Christmas hat on the WhatsApp logo, we will simply have to download the image from Google to make sure that it is PNG format (allowing for transparency).

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