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You can use other applications while connected

You can use other applications while connected

Four years after it arrived on Android, PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode is starting to make its way to WhatsApp video calls for iPhones. As usual, It does so first for beta users, although in the coming weeks we will be able to enjoy it in the stable version. Its main task? That we can make video calls without having to be inside the app.

PiP mode is starting to come to WhatsApp on iPhones

PiP Mode works on Android Since 2018. It was born with the aim of enabling users to watch videos while browsing other applications, without forcing them to stay in the chat. It was also a sponsored post With video calling, which has been in the app since 2016.

Four years after the arrival of PiP, WhatsApp begins implementing it in its iOS beta. Implementation has been delayed, and it is PiP mode has been working on iOS since 2020which is a function launched by Apple iOS 14. As of build, as we read in Xataka MobileWhatsApp PiP mode now supports video calls.

The WhatsApp

When we receive (or make one), we can move the small vertical window of our video call to any part of the screen. This will remain fixed in the area where we have placed it, so that we will be able to use the rest of the applications in a normal way. It should be borne in mind that although the application comes from WhatsApp and PiP is active from iOS 14, If we do not use iOS 16.1 at least, we will not be able to enjoy this function.

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This newness is reaching WhatsApp Beta users first, although it shouldn’t take long for it to reach other users in the stable version. Currently, the stable version does not support more usersbut You can monitor Testflight To sign up as soon as space becomes available.

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