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Edwin Cardona confirmed that he did not sign the conduct clause

Edwin Cardona confirmed that he did not sign the conduct clause

Edwin Cardona, former Rayados playerHe was Made in America de CaliAfter signing his contract, he broke his silence in the face of rumors of indiscipline in his former team. race.

He is said to have fought with the crowd and his car was confiscated by the police in October 2022 for drunk driving.

Did you sign a conduct clause?

Cardona said in an interview with Win Sports that he knows very well what happened and that there is no such condition, that everything is a lie. He didn’t even want to delve into the race issue, but only indicated that he was never wrong.

At Racing, I wasn’t wrong and never had any problems. I will not give explanations and say it respectfully. I’ll keep it and that’s it. I know I came to America excited to show my football and pretend on the field. I don’t want to talk about it but I learned from it. I made a good decision and I came here just to be happy, and I really want to play for America.”

“This (the clause) is wrong and it pains me to say those things they didn’t put in the contract. I feel calm. I know the person I am, so the decision has already been made, I’m happy and nothing more. Let’s hope we’re up to the task of this great club. Sometimes they add more to what is seen and we cannot judge persons before or without knowing them. I’m cool with what I signed up for and I know what I signed up for.”

with raceThe Colombian Scorpion did not show his best version, as he played only seven matches in 2023, without scoring goals or providing assists. before, with Boca Juniors It can’t stand out either.

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