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Education Sciences begins the process of re-accreditation

Education Sciences begins the process of re-accreditation

As part of a periodic evaluation process that ensures quality and promotes continuous improvement, the academic program of the Bachelor of Science program

of education in the Academic Unit of Education and Humanities (UAEH), at the Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN), and has been analyzed and judged for re-accreditation, October 9-12, by the Committee for the Evaluation of Pedagogy and Education Programs (CEPPE),

Endorsed by the AC Higher Education Accreditation Council (COPAES).

Norma Liliana Galvan Mezza, Dean of UAN, specified that this exercise allows listening to outside voices and opinions, from a real context where students are trained for social development and it is possible to learn what is

that require enterprise; He said that the faculty members proceed from an integrated and appropriate vision of what this training process entails and the responsibility it requires to achieve this.

Jesús Manuel Hernández Vázquez, CEPPE Representative, stressed that bringing together outside opinions is important to transforming

The program will promote comprehensive training for those who graduate, and will also be able to integrate elements to gain social recognition as a quality programme.

In her speech, Jochitel Castellon Fonseca, Director of Emirates Health, confirmed that they hope to receive appropriate recommendations based on the criteria and indicators that were set in the evaluation by CEPPE, to confirm the quality and gradually improve higher education in the country, since then. Students are the main target of UAN.

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