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Earth will run out of oxygen;  Scientists reveal history

Earth will run out of oxygen; Scientists reveal history

In the last years, Earth has faced various related problems With weather, natural disasters and other disasters related to the viability of the planet as we know it. What is more, Climate change He increased the list of dangers to the human race and living organisms in general.

For this reason, different scientists and researchers have been responsible for identifying the different dangers to which the planet is exposed. The Nature Geoscience team talked about it ‘A new end to the world’which is definitely It will end humanity immediately.

The scientific journal published a study in which the time remaining for Earth running out of oxygen, a resource that reaches our planet, thanks to the sun. According to estimates by the group of scientists responsible for the study, the oxygen present on our planet is expected to last only a few billion years.

Will the Earth run out of oxygen?
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Why does the Earth run out of oxygen?

This may happen because as the Sun gets older, as with any star, the hydrogen in its core will run out of fuel. There you will have to heat more to fuse helium. For this reason, the additional energy generated by the sun that will fall on the earth will cause our planet to heat up and drying up their oceans, the big producers of oxygen.

Obviously, there is still a long way to go, but it is also important to understand the importance of the Sun for the development of our planet. The land seems to have an expiration datebut this can always be cut short if we don’t take care of all the resources it has.

Life on Earth is directly dependent on the Sun
Photo: Freepik

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