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Dominican actress removed from the red carpet at Cannes

Dominican actress removed from the red carpet at Cannes

What seemed like a moment of professional success for Maciel TaverasThis led to an awkward moment after a security guard prevented her from modeling while she was on the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival in France. The events took place when the actress and model of Dominican origin arrived at the main cinema hall; When she was climbing the red stairs where all the celebrities were standing, she wanted to fit in the train of her huge dress, which was 9 feet (2.74 meters) long, and had a picture on it. Issa Printed. The suit is designed by Giannina Azar.

Suddenly, a woman from the security force approached and began to lead her by her arm towards the stage door, preventing her from stopping so that the photojournalists present could photograph her. Taveras did not hesitate to continue the fight to show her clothes properly, despite the guard continuing to prevent her from appearing, and he even put his arm close to her, to which the famous woman responded and said something clearly annoyed.

Who was Miss Dominican Republic 2007, reached the bottom of the stairs, straightened the line and stood despite the woman trying to stop her. The video clip of this moment went viral and now the actress spoke about it.

Maciel Taveras.

Paul Archuleta/Film Magic

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“My God, after the most amazing week in the history of my life, I am back in Hollywood and I must admit that I am amazed to once again see the hand of the powerful giant as the most brilliant strategist and propagandist in history. “Right now one does not understand the opposition,” Taveras wrote on his Instagram account. “God, as a good, just, and great Father, works hard and uses everything for our benefit, wow.” “I have received thousands of messages from all over the world. “They keep publishing us in all these international media outlets.”

For the famous woman, what seemed like a humiliating act ended up being a lucky situation. “Gianina Azar and Jan Baez They said to me: Oh my God, we never thought the whole world would see this art, we are everywhere. “Glory be to God, we still celebrate that no oppressive force can stop God’s plan. “Christ is universal.”

The famous woman, in addition to public support, received the support of the actress Kelly Rowlandwho also suffered similar treatment from the same security guard and who publicly condemned him.

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